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Take full advantage of the Amazon Prime Music app on BlackBerry 10. If you are a current Amazon Prime account holder you now have access to over 1 million songs add free. Amazon Prime Music is a nice streaming music application and offers a wide variety of options and settings in order for users to take full advantage of what Prime Music has to offer. Build your ultimate playlist, browse different genres, check out the best sellers, new releases and top singles all on your BlackBerry 10 device.

Now this is not a native built BlackBerry 10 application as Prime Music can be downloaded via the Amazon App Store. If you are currently on BlackBerry OS 10.2, you have the option to download and install the Amazon App Store on your device.

I have installed Prime Music and have been pretty impressed with the selection of music available. I will say that since the application is not native and is depending on BlackBerry’s Android Runtime, the application at times can be a little sluggish and not as smooth that I would like it to be compared to a native built BlackBerry 10 application.

BlackBerry has plans to improve the all-around performance of its run time application especially since the latest news of the BlackBerry Amazon deal. Word from CEO John Chen is that a maintenance update is coming for all BlackBerry 10 devices running OS 10.2. This update will bring some stabilization to Android Runtime on BB10.

I have out together a quick demo of Amazon Prime Music in action running on the BlackBerry z30 with OS 10.2. Check out the link below for more detailed information on Amazon Prime Music. Enjoy!

Amazon Prime Music