A new Robin Williams movie came out this passed weekend and the only reason that I knew about it was because a free BlackBerry game promoting the movie came out a week or so before the premier. Is this the next big thing in advertising?

I don’t know how RV did at the box office over the weekend but my guess is that there are people who went to see it because they heard of it through the free RV Pile-Up download for their BlackBerry. Personally, I thought that game was quite terrible. I wonder if people passed judgement on the movie based on the quality of the game?

I guess that leads to a bigger question about advertisements on BlackBerry devices. I know that I am less likely to see a movie if I don’t like the trailer. Would you be less likely to see a movie if you didn’t like the free interactive promo? The medium is still kind of new but once the cool factor wears off I would be willing to bet that advertisers will care much more about the quality of interactive promos intended for mobile devices.

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