Today at Mobile World Congress, Adobe will announce plans to bring Adobe Air to both the BlackBerry and Android.  This is a huge deal for pretty much every smartphone platform, less Apple, because it will allow mobile application developers do develop applications once and distribute them to any smartphone supporting Adobe Flash 10.1.

AIR is currently used to create desktop applications, but it will soon be used to create Android and Blackberry apps as well. These mobile AIR apps will be able store data locally on the phone, access other data on the phones such as photos, and be distributed as regular apps in the Android and Blackberry app stores.

A big complaint for BlackBerry users is the lack of BlackBerry applications compared to the number of mobile apps on other platforms such as the iPhone.  Even though the iPhone doesn’t support flash, Air applications can be easily ported to the iPhone SDK which means hordes of developers may opt to create Air Applications for multiple platforms as compared to just creating them specifically for the iPhone.  This could be huge for the prospects of BlackBerry applications and the nations leading smartphone platform as well as up and coming platforms such as Android.

If there is a chisel that can crack Apple’s dominance when it comes to mobile apps, it would development environment that already has millions of developers and the ability to develop applications once and deliver to multiple platforms.  There are already more BlackBerry devices than their are iPhones, and, when you add in all the up and coming platforms that may accept Adobe Air and Flash as standards, the market opportunity is enormous.