A new release of Slacker for BlackBerry, version 2.0.12 for the BlackBerry Storm, was released this evening. and includes the following features:

  • Improved battery life up to 2x (over previous versions) while streaming
    (Slacker has seen Storm devices playing up to 9 hours over 3G with this build)
  • Improved usability enhancements to the interface, including a “Home”
    button to quickly access the station list
  • Added ability to toggle the explicit content filter (on/off) from the main
  • Addressed an issue where pausing a song for an extended period of time did
    not properly resume playback
  • Addressed an issue where phone calls or message alerts would prevent
    playback from resuming properly for some listeners

Slacker for BlackBerry is a free BlackBerry download and you can get by point your device to http://www.slacker.com.