Happy Holidays everyone…  We know that there are a lot of new BlackBerry users out there so we put together this list of 9 Free BlackBerry Applications that will allow you to put your new Berry through the paces.

  1. Google Maps —  Google Maps, quite honestly, should just come pre-installed on the BlackBerry.  Most find it much more useful than BlackBerry Maps which actually does come pre-installed.
    Download Google Maps:  http://m.google.com/maps
  2. Facebook —  Facebook for Blackberry Smarphones, assuming you have a Facebook account, is definitely, one free BlackBerry application new BlackBerry and old Blackberry users alike should take a look at.  If MySpace is more your style, there is a good free MySpace for BlackBerry download for you to check out as well…
    Download Facebook for BlackBerry:  http://www.blackberry.com/facebook
  3. Score Mobile — If you are BlackBerry user and at all a sports fan, Score Mobile is an essential free BlackBerry download.  Using the “Push” capability of the BlackBerry Internet Service, Score Mobile automatically keeps you updated with up-to-the-minute sports scores, boxscores, fantasy player stats, betting odds, game previews, recaps, top stories, league standings, and more.
    Download ScoreMoble:  http://m.thescore.com/scoremobile
  4. UberTwitter —  When it comes to free BlackBerry Twitter clients the list of options is not a short one.  Since hitting the scene, however, Ubertwitter stands out amongst the rest.
    Download UberTwitter:  http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php
  5. Opera Mini 5 Beta —  Web browsing via BlackBerry Browser, when compared to other mobile web browsers, is quite horrible.  RIM is working on a new BlackBerry Browser expected to have all the bells and whistles found on other smart phones such as the iPhone, Palm Pre, and Android devices, however it isn’t due out until the Spring ’10.  Fortunately, there are third-party mobile web browsers for the BlackBerry that do a pretty bang out job.  Opera Mini 5 Beta is one of them.
    Download Opera Mini 5 Beta:   http://m.opera.com/next
  6. Slacker Radio — There are  more than just a few free BlackBerry Internet Radio clients out there.  I’ve personally tried most of them and Slacker Radio just happens to be one of my favorites.
    Download Slacker Radio:  http://www.slacker.com
  7. QuickPull Free —  QuickPull is a nifty BlackBerry utility that allows you to simulate pulling the battery out of your BlackBerry resetting  available memory.  QuickPull can be scheduled to run daily and can alert you when you memory falls below a certain threshold asking you if you would like to reboot your BlackBerry.
    Download QuickPull Free:  https://www.rimarkable.com/QuickPull_Free
  8. Poynt — If you are the owner of a brand new BlackBerry device, chances are that, via GPS, it can tell you where you are.  The cool thing about LBS applications like Poynt is that they can tell you where businesss, restaurants, movies, and even people are in relation to you.
    Download Poynt:  http://m.mypoynt.com
  9. BlackBerry App World — Many of the applications in this list are attainable via BlackBerry App World, Research in Motion’s official BlackBerry application portal.  BlackBerry App World should come pre-installed on new BlackBerry devices, but, since it doesn’t, is definitely something you should install…
    Download BlackBerry App World:  http://www.blackberry.com/appworld