8x8 Mobile Talk for BlackBerry8×8, Inc.  provider of 8×8 Virtual Office and Packet8 broadband business, residential, video and mobile communications services, today announced the availability of its MobileTalk mobile international calling service for the BlackBerry.

Offering international calling rates such as $.01 per minute to China, $.03 per minute to Mexico, $.04 to the United Kingdom and $.059 per minute to India, 8×8’s MobileTalk service enables cell phone users to significantly reduce their international phone bills and maintain high digital voice quality while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of on-the-go mobile calling.

To use MobileTalk, you simply download the MobileTalk client to your BlackBerry running OS 4.6 or higher and make calls like your normally would.  If MobileTalk recognizes that you are dialing an international extenstion it automatically redirects your call to a local 8×8 network access number and then transmits it over the 8×8 network.

Read the full press release here.