One type of BlackBerry application that seems to be increasing in popularity lately is the LBS (Location Based Service) app.  LBS apps are the ones the use GPS or cell tower triangulation to determine your approximate position and return local search results based on your location.  Some of the more advanced LBS apps, can, not only give you directions on how to get from where you are to where you want to be, but make suggestions, show you reviews of establishments from other users, and even notifiy you when you are near a friend.

We’ve put  a list of 7 Free BlackBerry LBS applications together after the jump.  Take a look, tell us what you think, and let us know if there is anything we left off the list.

  1. Poynt — Use Poynt to find people, businesses, movie theatres, retailers and restaurants near you. Poynt uses GPS or cell-site locations to pinpoint you and quickly deliver the information you need whenever and wherever you need it.
    Download Poynt:
  2. Superpages Mobile — Add the power of to your Blackberry
    When you’re on the go and need local information fast, you can turn to Superpages Mobile from Find people and businesses, get maps, directions, local movie and theater listings, and even your weather forecast… wherever you happen to be.

    Download Superpages Mobile:
  3. Yelp for BlackBerry — Looking for a burrito joint open now?  An Irish pub nearby?  A gas station you can drive to before your tank hits empty?  Yelp for your BlackBerry® is here to help.  Use us to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know.
    Download Yelp for BlackBerry:
  4. Where — Looking for somewhere new to eat tonight? Want to know what movies are playing at the local theater or somewhere else close by? Traveling and want to find the cheapest gas or closest cup of coffee? Everywhere you go, this app will help you find just about anything local – restaurants, news, weather, cheap gas, movies, friends and more!
    Download Where:  (via BlackBerry App World)
  5. Loopt — Get Loopt to see who’s around, what to do, and where to go.  Loopt now offers local content to help you meet up with nearby friends, explore new places to grab food, and find local events happening now…
    Download Loopt:  (via BlackBerry App World)
  6. GoodFood — GoodFood is the best way to find great places to eat! See restaurants near you on an interactive map and filter by cuisine or price to find the perfect one.  Browse recommendations from users like you.
    Download GoodFood:  (via blackBerry App World)
  7. Citysearch — Searching for the best dive bar open past midnight?  Citysearch connects you to what’s happening in your neighborhood and beyond…
    Download Citysearch:  (via BlackBerry App World)