Most BlackBerry users know that their smartphones are of the most effective communication devices ever conceived, and, when it comes to social media, BlackBerry devices are absolute powerhouses when it comes to checking in, tweeting, liking, and sharing, etc.

You’ve got to, however, make sure you have the right apps installed on your BlackBerry to stay connected socially while on the go, so, we’ve compiled a quick list of Social Networking Apps that every BlackBerry user should install.

  1. Facebook  –Facebook is the largest social network on the planet with over 900 million active users.  If there is one social networking app that is a “must install” for BlackBerry users, Facebook is it…
  2. Twitter –Twitter is evolving to become a reliable, and, one of the quickest ways to get news on the local, national, and worldwide stages.  Twitter also allows you to keep real time tabs on your Tweeps that you follow.  Every serious social networker has to have Twitter on their device.
  3. Foursquare — When it comes to popular phrases coined in social networking lexicon, “Checking In”, made famous by the the location based social app Foursquare, has got to be at the top of the list.  If you want to let folks in your social networks know where you or what you are doing, Foursquare is the app for you.
  4. LinkedIn — For many, the BlackBerry is seen as a smartphone designed for business professionals, so, it makes sense that LinkedIn, the largest business-oriented social network, be added to the list.
  5. BlackBerry Messenger — BBM is the only mobile only social networking app on the list and is exclusive to BlackBerry users, but, with 10 of millions of users and it’s own list of music videos, BBM had to make the list.

We know that there are a lot of there social networking apps used by BlackBerry users out there, so, if you’ve got an app that should have made the list that every BlackBerry user should install, let us know about it in the comments.