Free BlackBerry DownloadsOne of the most popular posts that we have here on RIMarkable is 5 Must Have Free BlackBerry Downloads which was written almost two years ago back in June of 2006. Since so many visitors come to that particular post we’ve decided to update it 2008 style.

A few of the free BlackBerry downloads from our original list remain on the updated version. You will, however, see a few additions to the the new list. So, without further ado, here is our updated list of 5 Must Have Free BlackBerry Downloads in no particular order.

Beyond411 — Somehow I managed to leave Beyond411, Berry411 at the time, off of our original list. Beyond411 is a mobile search utility that gives you instant access to Yahoo Local providing instant local search to your BlackBerry.Beyond411 integrates with your devices address book and has GPS support for GPS enabled BlackBerrys. I personally have been using Beyond411 for years and can honestly tell you that it is one the most used applications on my device. If you own a BlackBerry, Beyond411 is free BlackBerry download that you just need to have.

Viigo: BlackBerry RSS Reader — Viigo is an RSS reader for the BlackBerry. According to their website “Viigo is a way to access content and services on your BlackBerry that’s better than anything that you’ve ever experienced.” When you get right down to it. I don’t know that this is too far from the truth.If any of the websites you regularly visit on your BlackBerry have RSS feeds, Viigo is the tool for you. It has a much better interface for web browsing than the BlackBerry Browser in my opinion and the fact that it is a full fledged RSS reader optimized for small screens is a huge plus. Viigo even allows you to import your RSS feeds from Google reader so all of the feeds you view online, are available to you on your BlackBerry.

Google Maps — Google maps is a must have free BlackBerry download that made our list the first time around and has improved significantly over the last two years. The application provides location based information using GPS or “My Location” which can triangulate your approximate position based on the location of nearby cell towers.Google Maps provides turn-by-turn navigation, integrated Google Search, allows you to see overhead satellite images from Google Earth, and rivals premium applications that you would normally pay for.

Facebook For BlackBerryFacebook for BlackBerry — Facebook for BlackBerry wasn’t a free BlackBerry download that I immediately took to. That is probably because I wasn’t a big social networking site user before I downloaded Facebook for BlackBerry. Now that I’ve started really using Facebook, the mobile application is pretty sweet.If you don’t take my word for it ask any of the over 1 million BlackBerry users that have downloaded Facebook for BlackBerry since it has come out making it one of the most downloaded free BlackBerry downloads of all time.

Opera Mini — In case that you are new to RIMarkable, I will start of by saying that I believe that the BlackBerry Browser is one of, if not the worst mobile browsers ever conceived. To put it bluntly, Opera Mini, which isn’t even designed specifically for the BlackBerry, outclasses the native BlackBerry Browser on a level difficult to imagine when you consider just how well everything else about the BlackBerry was thought out.The only problem that you will ever run into using Opera Mini over your BlackBerry Browser is when you encounter a mobile site designed specifically for the BlackBerry Browser.

I am sure that I have overlooked some free BlackBerry download that should have absolutely made the list. If one comes to mind be sure to leave us comment and tell us about it.