The most linked to post here on RIMarkable is 5 must have free BlackBerry downloads. We’ve received quite a few emails, to say the least, with other free BlackBerry downloads that should have made the list, so, due to popular demand, we have decided to create another list.

Here is our list of 5 More Must Have Free BlackBerry Downloads.

  1. Berry411 — I’m not quite sure how I managed to leave Berry411, arguably the best free BlackBerry download of all time, off the list the first time. We won’t, however, make that mistake a second time. You can read a description of what Berry411 is here. Better yet, just go download the latest version of Berry411 here…

  3. Sudoku — Sudoku is the most addictive game, free or otherwise, that I have yet to play on my BlackBerry. Even though the free Magmic Games version that you can download from OTA is limited, you cannot download new puzzles, it will provide hundreds of hours of fun. There are 50 puzzles on each level and if you like logic, puzzle type games, you can log some serious time with Sudoku.

  5. Ramble IM — I knew that AIM was one of the most popular IM applications out there when I wrote the first must have free BlackBerry download list. What I didn’t realize was just how BlackBerry users use AIM. Since there isn’t a native AIM client out for the BlackBerry just yet, Ramble Instant Messenger is probably the next best thing.

  7. Opera Mini — Web browsing on your BlackBerry is one of the few things that even die-hard BlackBerry users would say is better on Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian, however, it is not due to lack of functionality on the BlackBerry. It is due to lack of functionality in the BlackBerry browser. Fortunately, Opera Mini is available for BlackBerry and it is, of course a free download. You can download Opera Mini OTA on your devices here.

  9. What is your favorite Free BlackBerry Download? — There are so many good free BlackBerry downloads out there that we thought we should ask you what your favorite one is. Leave us a comment and let us know what piece of free BlackBerry software you can’t live without…

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