Our 5 Free BlackBerry Storm Applications Worth Downloading post that we did a week and a half ago was so popular in terms of page views that we’ve decided to follow it up with 5 more free BlackBerry Storm applications worth downloading.  This time, however, we are going to showcase BlackBerry Storm specfic applications that run only on the BlackBerry Storm.

  1. YouTube for BlackBerry Storm —  Although YouTube videos will play on a couple of different BlackBerry devices, the BlackBerry Storm is the first BlackBerry to receivce a mobile YouTube client that makes searching and finding popular videos along with signing into your YouTube account a cinch.
  2. WeatherBug for BlackBerry Storm —  Think Weatherbug for you desktop, but, on your BlackBerry Storm.  Hands down the best BlackBerry weather application available for the BlackBerry Storm.
  3. Tiltris —  Tiltris is a new spin on the popular game Tetris.  Instead of using buttons to control the direction that the blocks slide, you use the BlackBerry Storm’s accelorometer to “tilt” the blocks in the direction that you want them to move.
  4. iBerry Bottom Dock —  Not exactly a free BlackBerry Storm application, we know.  iBerry Bottom Dock is, however, arguably one of the best looking free BlackBerry Storm Themes out there right now.
  5. Readers Choice *** — Here is your chance to tell us one of your favorite BlackBerry Storm applications.  If you know of one worth downloading, leave us a description and a link in the comments.