According to a the second semi-annual smartphone brand loyalty survey by Crowd Science, 40% of BlackBerry users want their next smartphone to be an iPhone.  The BlackBerry may be on top when it comes smartphone market share, but, when 2 of 5 BlackBerry users want to switch to Research in Motion’s primary competition’s device, the question becomes, how long can they stay there.

What is equally alarming is that the survey says that almost a third of BlackBerry users want to switch to the Google Nexus One.  I think story being told isn’t so much about BlackBerry users wanting an iPhone or a Nexus one, but, how they want something more than what the BlackBerry offers.

The BlackBerry OS is, and, has been for some time, in need of a significant overhaul, if not a complete redo.  Most rumors indicate that OS 6 isn’t due out until next year and the next major update, 5.2, may just be a bridge to OS 6.  Can another update to the current OS and a WebKit BlackBerry Browser stem the tide of BlackBerry defections this survey indicates?

With the Nexus One soon to be released on Verizon, the number of BlackBerry users that move to Android could be quite telling…