One of the questions we’ve often pondered is why Research in Motion came out with a 3G BlackBerry Bold only seemingly to backtrack and follow it up with the upcoming 2.5G BlackBerry Javelin. To be honest, I am still don’t quite understand this move, however, if the rumors are correct, a 3G packing BlackBerry Javelin called the BlackBerry 9220 is not too far beyond the horizon.

Now, if RIM really wants to make some noise, not only should they be working on a 3G Javelin-like BlackBerry 9220, but also a CDMA BlackBerry Javelin. Let’s face it, RIMs GSM first, usually on AT&T in the States practice is really burning them with continued BlackBerry Bold delays and no urgency on the part of AT&T to get it out. Additionally any new Verizon BlackBerry with a full keyboard on it will be a huge hit, especially since all indications point to a CDMA BlackBerry Bold being about a year away.