BlackBerry 8900Remember the BlackBerry 8900 that was supposed to be coming out on AT&T in June that no one has really made a big deal of because it basically is, from what we’ve heard, just a nicer looking BlackBerry 8800 with 3G that has completely been overshadowed by BlackBerry Curve 8330 news and rumors about the BlackBerry 9000?

Well, AT&T has delayed the release of the BlackBerry 8900 pushing it out as far as August from the planned June launch. A reason hasn’t been given for the delay, however, there is speculation that concerns about call quality is the culprit.

I admit that I am a bit of a Verizon biggot and don’t see this as a huge deal. Not so much because this device isn’t coming out on Verizon, but, because we haven’t really heard of any major enhancements to the OS that would take advantage of the increased speed plus the fact that AT&T’s 3G network only services major metropolitan at the current time.

I should ask the question to AT&T BlackBerry users, however.  Is the delay of the BlackBerry 8900 a big deal?