I was just reading an interesting article over on the SouthBendTribune.com website entitled “Saving marriage from the BlackBerry” and it offers 3 tips for keeping your BlackBerry addiction from spilling over into your personal life. I must admit that, at least at some level, I practice all three of these tips.

The first tip is no BlackBerry in the bedroom. My motivation for keeping my BlackBerry out of the bedroom is a bit different than the one suggested in the article, however. The constant blinking light and the random vibration from incoming email drives me nuts. Additionally, keeping my BlackBerry in my bedroom would counteract the benefits of tip number two.

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The second tip is out of sight out of mind. I leave my BlackBerry on the mantel above my fireplace. I’ve got a power adapter for both my BlackBerry and Bluetooth headset there and the spot is remote enough that I can’t see the notification light or hear the vibration of incoming emails, however, is convenient enough that I don’t have to scramble to get there quickly if the phone rings.

The last tip is to set designated hours for BlackBerry use. I simply don’t check my BlackBerry after 9:00 P.M. if I am at home. This brings up a BlackBerry feature request. Wouldn’t it be cool of you could automatically set your BlackBerry to change profiles based on a schedule? I notice that I check my BlackBerry much less frequently if I forget to change the profile back from phone only. I would love it if I could automatically set it to go phone only on back on a schedule.