There is no doubt that the hottest smartphone on the market right now is the BlackBerry Pearl from Research in Motion and T-Mobile. This little device is almost single handedly responsible for skyrocketing RIM’s stock price (ticker RIMM) up over $110 per share.

The BlackBerry Pearl is small, cute, takes pictures, and allows you to listen to MP3s and although it comes out of the box with everything that you need to run, there are a few things that you should just pick up with it while your in the T-Mobile store.

Here is my list of 3 must have BlackBerry Pearl Accessories

BlackBerry Pearl Case or Skin — The BlackBerry Pearl, unlike previous model BlackBerry devices, doesn’t come with a case or holster in the box. If you want to keep from scratching your BlackBerry Pearl as you slide in and out of your pocket or purse and eventually dropping it onto the ground (this will happen sooner or later), do yourself a favor and pick up a case or a skin to give your Pearl a bit of protection.

Micro SD Card — As we said before, the BlackBerry Pearl allows you to take pictures and play MP3s, however, memory on the device is at a premium. Expanding your BlackBerry Pearls memory is a must if you truly plan on taking a bunch of pictures or listening to more than just a few MP3s.

Bluetooth Wireless Headset — There is nothing better than taking a picture of of the confusing looks on people’s faces when they think that you are talking to them when, in fact, you are actually talking on your BlackBerry Pearl using a Bluetooth wireless headset. Bluetooth headsets are cool not only for BlackBerry Pearl users but for all BlackBerrys that support them…

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