I have been reading through the specs for the BlackBerry 8800, and to make a long story short, you will be able to read email on it pretty much like you could on a BlackBerry 8700. There is no question that it will be lighter, brighter, faster, and smarter. Unfortunately, however, there really aren’t any new applications that will take advantage of the additional horsepower.

This is why the following three free BlackBerry applications need to be developed.

The first is Windows Media Player for BlackBerry. You may be asking yourself why in the world would Research in Motion, a competitor to Microsoft, build a crappy Windows Media Player for the BlackBerry. Well, because there is a crap load of content out their that the BlackBerry Pearl, 8800, and any other new BlackBerry coming out has more than enough horse power to play but cannot because a player doesn’t exist.

The second is a QuickTime Player for BlackBerry. The reasons are exactly the same as for a Windows Media Player for BlackBerry.

The third is a Flash Player, or ShockWave Player, or whatever the heck you need to view YouTube videos on your BlackBerry. Truth be told, if someone created a Flash Player for BlackBerry, I could live without the other two.

I am just tired of not having anything better to say than “Nothing does email better than a BlackBerry” every time someone with a Windows Mobile device shows me exactly why they will never switch as they watch a YouTube video or a video podcast right in front of my face.

It’s depressing….