Have you heard of the 3rd Annual BlackBerry Developer Challenge?  You know, the one where the BlackBerry Partners Fund is putting up over $1.5 million in prizes for the best BlackBerry Super Apps…  Well, if you have a great idea for a BlackBerry Super App but need a little help bringing your vision to reality, you definitely will want to check out bitHeads $25,000 BlackBerry Super App Contest.  All you have to do is submit your idea for a BlackBerry Super App, and, if selected, receive $25,000 in BlackBerry development services from bitHeads and have your BlackBerry Super App entered into the BlackBerry Developer Challenge.

How to enter and WIN!

1.  Dream up a concept for the perfect BlackBerry Super App!

Criteria for a super App, according to BlackBerry includes:

  • Provides a user experience that transforms user behavior
  • An app that people use daily
  • Provides an always-on experience
  • Is proactive, notification-driven
  • Provides information that is contextualized and personalized
  • Seamless experience in or out of cell or wi-fi coverage

For additional details please refer to the Super App Criteria on the BlackBerry Website: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/developers/started/super_apps.jsp

2.   Submit your entry via email at superapp@bitheads.com.

Entries should include:

  • Detailed description of the application you want to have built, the functionality, along with any preliminary GUI designs, etc.
  • Identify the BlackBerry devices (and versions of OS) targeted for the proposed Super App
  • Provide relevant contact information including name, email and phone number
  • If applicable, please provide some brief information about you and/or your company and how you came up with the idea.

Interested parties should got to the dedicated landing Page located at http://www.bitheads.com/superappcontest/

It’s so simple… Dream, write/draw and submit to WIN!

Contest Rules

  • Evaluation and selection of winning application will be based on the application which is felt to best exemplify the features of a Super App for BlackBerry Smartphones
  • The Decision Panel will consist of a senior bitHeads mobile designer, a senior bitHeads mobile development manager and a representative of RIM. The winning entry chosen by the panel will be considered final.
  • Contest schedule: Applications will be accepted until June 30th 2010. The Winner will be notified by July 8th, 2010.
  • Proceeds of the contest ($25,000 Development Credit) are to be applied to the costs of bitHeads developing the application.
  • Application development must commence within 1 month of notification of winning contest

Additional information

Contest winner will own the proprietary rights to the application and may do what they wish once proprietary rights have been transferred. Also, a Non Disclosure Agreement is available to sign, you may find this document on the Contest landing page or here (http://www.bitheads.com/superappcontest/images/NDA.pdf).