Our friends across the pond over at airtime manager in the UK have been testing the pre-release version of the BlackBerry Curve for a while now and they’ve put up a full review here. One of the things that stands out to me is just how much smaller the the BlackBerry Curve is than the BlackBerry 8800.

The BlackBerry Curve is significantly shorter, not quite as wide, and just a tad bit thicker than the BlackBerry 8800. They really impressive thing for me is the much better spacing of the keys even though there is less surface area.

The Curve is very lite as well coming in at just 4 oz. I have always been partial to the SureType 71XX series BlackBerrys because of their small form factor, however, the BlackBerry Curve may be just small enough to pass my ‘fit in your pocket without feeling like scientific calculator’ test.

BlackBerry 8300