For those of you that haven’t heard, Research in Motion has put out a limited pre-release of Twitter for BlackBerry.  I’ve been playing around with it for a bit over a day now and I’ve got two words for it.  Not Impressed

Twitter for BlackBerry is a pre-release, so, it is conceivable that RIM will polish the app up a bit before they fully release it.  Here is our list of 10 things they need to address if and when they do…

  1. Speed —  I know that Twitter for BlackBerry is just a pre-release, however, the application is ridiculously slow.  I currently have 4  Twitter clients installed on my BlackBerry Storm and Twitter for BlackBerry is, by far, the slowest.
  2. Send Direct Messages from Contacts — One of the really cool things that a BlackBerry Twitter client built by RIM should do is integrate into the BlackBerry’s messaging system.  RIM should add a field for Twitter account to Contacts and allow you to send a direct messages directly from there.
  3. Add more options to “Notify on new tweets” —  Currently, you can only turn on or turn off  “Notifications on new tweets”.  RIM should add options to notify only on Directs and/or  Replies as well.
  4. Approve Followers —  If you lock your Twitter account down you have to manually approve anyone who wishes to follow you.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way approve follower in Twitter for BlackBerry
  5. Cache Recent Mentions —  It appears that every time your view the @Mentions screen you have to wait for the entire stream to be pulled down from the server.  Like with the Home scree, the last 20 tweets or so should be cached.
  6. Differentiate Between Read & Unread Tweets — Make unread tweets a bold or a dark font color.  Make read tweets a lighter font color.  Just do something to differentiate between them
  7. Enable Clicking of a Tweet —  When veiw Tweets in various streams, you can highlight the tweet or click on the profile image to take you to that Twitter user’s profile page, however, clicking on the Tweet does nothing.  It too should take you to the profile page.
  8. Add A Refresh Keyboard Shortcut  — There doesn’t appear to be a keyboard shortcut to refresh your view.  (I there is, I haven’t found it yet)
  9. Adress Gerneral Stability —  It isn’t uncommon  for Twitter for BlackBerry to randomly lock up .
  10. Add Multiple Account Support — You shouldn’t have to install multiple Twitter applications in order to Tweet from multiple usernames..