I’ll be honest with you… Although the iPhone is not the smartphone for me, I’m a huge fan of Apple. I love the Mac. There are at least 7 iPods in my house at the moment. I’m even seriously contemplating making my next laptop a MacBook. That being said, I was really hoping that the iPad would have been a device that I would just have to go out and get day one. Needless to say, I was sadly disappointed.

The iPad is nothing more than an iMiss

In my opinion, the iPad is nothing more than an iMiss.  There are so many reasons why the iPad misses the mark, but, for the sake of brevity, I am going to just rattle off 10…

  1. The iPad is a big frigging iPod Touch — no explanation really need here other than the iPad is a big frigging iPod Touch.
  2. No Multitasking — Apple must know that only being able to do one thing at a time on an iPhone sucks.  What in the world would make them think it wouldn’t suck to the tenth power on a tablet.
  3. The iPad solves no problem — Less accessing proprietary content offered only on the iPad, what do you do with this thing that you can’t do more effectively on other devices that are generally less expensive?
  4. Ebooks are ridiculously overpriced — Why the 33% premium on eBooks that will cause me way more eyestrain while reading them than on real eReaders…  Seriously Apple, what were you thinking on this one?
  5. The iPad is a big frigging iPod Touch — This point was worth mentioning twice, as the iPad isn’t even as cool as the iPod Touch.
  6. No Flash Support —  Jobs says that the iPad offers the best web browsing experience available yet his little fight with Adobe keeps the iPad from accessing much of the content available to you on the web.  #FAIL
  7. 4:3 Screen Format —  Watching movies on the iPad might be cool only if the thing were WideScreen.
  8. No USB Port — You need an adapter for USB?  You need an adapter for just about anyting that you would like to plugin to the iPad, but, no USB?  Are you frigging kidding me?
  9. No Camera —  A device like this really should have a front facing camera.  Apple knows this.  They just want to nickle and dime your by making you buy an accessory, or, upgrading to next years iPad which undoubtedly will have a camera.
  10. Only Runs Apps From The App Store — Controlling what Apps go into your App Store is one thing. Only allowing Apps from your App Store to run on your hardware is completely another.  You get away with this on the iPhone because you were first, the market is still catching up, and people don’t think of iPhones as computers, but, more of an appliance.  The iPad, on the other hand, won’t have this luxury.  Android is coming for you hard on this point, but, I will leave that for another post…

The list of reasons that the iPad is an iMiss goes on and on, and, even with all that has been said, Apple made the price point low enough that a lot of people will buy it without much thought to whether it sucks or not.  The iPad will probably do fairly well, but not nearly as well as they hype machine that is Apple is hoping for.