I’ve been a die hard BlackBerry user for about the last 7 years or so.  I’ve been writing about BlackBerry devices almost daily right here on RIMarkable  for about 6 of those seven years.  In all of that time I’ve owned well over a dozen different BlackBerry devices, and, I’ve never returned one simply because I didn’t like it.

I guess there is a first time for everything…  Shortly after I finish writing this post I am returning my BlackBerry Torch 9800.

10 Reasons Why I am Returning my BlackBerry Torch

  1. The BlackBerry Torch is underpowered — The Torch only has a 624 MHz  processor, and, when compared to the 1GHz Snapdragons and Hummingbirds found in the latest Android devices as well as the Apple A4 found in the iPhone 4, the BlackBerry Torch is lacking.
  2. Lack of third party application support — The BlackBerry Torch is RIM’s new flagship device and the first device to run BlackBerry 6, RIM’s new BlackBerry operating system.  The Torch has been out for almost a month and we still really don’t have any new BlackBerry applications showcasing what BlackBerry 6 can do.
  3. WebKit BlackBerry Browser not on par with iPhone or Android — A little over a year ago RIM stated that the new Webkit BlackBerry Browser would on par with the iPhone by this summer.  To make a long story short…  It isn’t.  It is light years beyond the old BlackBerry Browser and you can effectively browse just about any website.   It just isn’t as smooth as Android, the iPhone, or even webOS, for that matter.
  4. The screen on the Torch is too small — I am not sure if the resolution is just to low or if the screen is actually just too small, but, when compared to the screen on my Droid Incredible…  Well, it just doesn’t compare.
  5. AT&T —  I here that a lot of people swear by AT&T.  I, however, clearly am not one of them, nor can I think of anyone that lives near me who does.  I’ve dropped more calls using my BlackBerry Torch on AT&T over the last 28 days than I have on Verizon in the last year or two.
  6. No Wi-Fi Tethering — Having the ability to use your device as a Wi-Fi hotspot today is kind of like having Bluetooth 4 or 5 years ago.  Smartphones should have this ability.
  7. The BlackBerry Torch is too utilitarian — After the newness wore off, I used the BlackBerry Torch for nothing more than email, BBM, and Twitter.
  8. The Torch didn’t allow me to drop down to one device — Until this year, I’ve carried only one smartphone, a BlackBerry, for the past 5 years.  Earlier this year a tested a Palm Pre which didn’t offer enough beyond what my BlackBerry could do to warrant carrying multiple devices.  I, however, tried out the Droid Incredible shortly after the Pre, and, I know carrier two devices.  The Torch simply isn’t a good enough device to get me back down to just one device.
  9. Wasn’t that annoyed when I left my BlackBerry Torch at home — I went on a business trip and left my Torch in my car parked at the airport.  Other than not having BBM, I really didn’t miss it that much.
  10. The BlackBerry Torch, overall, is just underwhelming It has been a long time since RIM has produced a BlackBerry that made me just feel like it was a must have device.  I thought that the BlackBerry Torch was going to be that device which is the only reason I was even willing to give AT&T a shot.   At the end of the day, the BlackBerry Torch isn’t a bad device, however, there is nothing about the device that will keep potential BlackBerry defectors from defecting  nor will it entice new consumers that didn’t already want a BlackBerry…