Yatca: Yet Another Twitter Client Application For The BlackBerry

Yatcha for BlackBerry

Just as the title says, here is Yet Another Twitter Client Application (Yatca) for the BlackBerry.   Yatca only works on Blackberry devices running BB OS 4.6 or higher.

I will give Yatca the proper once over a bit later, however, you can find out more about over on the the Yatca blog.


  • http://www.rimarkable.com Robb Dunewood

    I just installed Yatca on my BlackBerry Storm. The installation and setup were pretty straight forward. I have to figure out a way if I can filter all my incoming tweets to a particular folder. Getting them in your main message folder among all of your other messages is very distracting.

  • http://www.rimarkable.com Robb Dunewood

    Yacta just isn’t doing it for me. I’ll be sticking with the SocialScope and TwitterBerry for now…

  • Norman R.

    I had to unistall this after about an hour. I follow about three hundred tweeters and was getting so many updates that it made finding email difficult. It completely overwhelms your inbox if you get a lot of tweets.

  • pd

    Robb, what twitter client do you like the best right now? I’m using twitterberry and it’s pretty good, just wish there were a few more features!

  • http://www.rimarkable.com Robb Dunewood

    I am using Social Scope. Even though it is still in beta, it is pretty strong.

    Using TwitterBerry as well for one of my secondary Twitter accounts.

  • http://besuccessfulteam.blogspot.com Ted

    TwitterBerry is better as far as just tweeting. I would like to also receive my direct messages, and find out who is following me. However have the option to be notified. Save a lot of time and it is better communication wise.

    And just to comment on Yacta…I really hated it lol.