Top 5 Free Magmic BlackBerry Games

I just happened to be taking a look at the top 5 games offered by Magmic Games for the BlackBerry and realized that 4 of them can actually be downloaded for free via For me, the only thing better than a BlackBerry game is a free BlackBerry game, so, I decided to create a list.

Here are the top 5 free BlackBerry games from Magmic Games:

1. Texas Hold’em King 2

2. Sudoku

3. Medieval Kings Chess II

4. Ka-Glom

5. Spider Solitaire

Don’t forget that each of these titles is a free BlackBerry game and can be downloaded OTA to your device from

BlackBerry Game


  1. Doug says

    Is there a way to download these games to a blackberry without using the OTA approach? Meaning if I don’t have the data plan on my device at this point, can I get the games for free online and load them from my laptop onto my blackberry device? Thanks.

  2. Makrakken says

    Ditto for me Rudy. I can’t seem to find the games.

    Any suggestions from the experts would be more than welcome!

    Thanks folks,

    The Mak

  3. Madnotcrazy says

    Make sure you have the link typed in right on your blackberry! It should be , once there you can choose downloads that will take you to another page where you can pick the games.

  4. Dave says

    Does anyone have the files for these games so they can be installed thru desktop manager (I am blocked from OTA thru my corporate firewall).

    Alternately, if I’ve got them on an older blackberry, is there a way to use backup/restore to move the apps and data from one bberry to another?


  5. Joe says

    The page at doesnt link to any games. The only links available there are “For more information on blackberry visit“, and for information about blackberry help ( which in turn only has links back to the site… no link anywhere for downloads.. Sadly if you go to the magmic site even the “top 5” games are all charged for.. Grrrr….

  6. dave says

    the above link doesn’t seem to work – i have an 8820 and have recenlty upgraded and am having withdrawal symptoms for meteorstrike (i think that’s what it was called).

  7. BC says

    RE: Links don’t work – You need to link using a blackberry browser (on your handheld). And scroll through to free/classic games

  8. lalith says

    hey i have a pearl device. whch is the blackberry browser. i am usin the default blackberry browser.. but wen i go to i dont find links to download.. it just says. ” website is designed to open in bb browser.. i dont knw y. pls let me knw.. any answer for this question to my email.. thanks a lot.

  9. MAgnus says

    Magmic or Bplay has the absolute worst customer support of ANY entity I have EVER used. They are completely useless, the take DAYS to respond, no way to actually talk to anyone, no chat, no knoewledgebase

    I have been f(*&*^% around with them rro 2 weeks to get my games activated…today they ask me for my damn BB pin for the 4th F(*&^%$ time………..THEY TOTALLY SUCK DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCT EVER>>>>>>

  10. Athing says

    I was able to download games from Magmic sites using my Curve 8310. Games are link to Buy and Try, some games have Buy and Get. I downloaded games with Get links

  11. says

    Found this website indicating Spider Solitair as a free game but when connecting to the given site, it cannot be downloaded for free, only as a “trial”.

  12. shane says

    You have to use the explorer by RIM, not media net. Same problem here. My phone doesn’t have explorer. stupid a@$ at&t

  13. Casey says

    Hey i ve got a blackberry 8120
    please send me any links for apps or software that can improve my pearl

    p.s. is there a colorpearl 4 my 8120?

  14. Casey says


  15. Ryan says

    These games used to be full version and able to be downloaded from the mobile blackberry website but you can no longer get them. I downloaded them 2 weeks ago on my old blackberry 8320 and they worked fine. Then last week by blackberry broke so i got another one and now i just found out that you must purches them. This sucks. I wish I could get them off my old blackberry.

  16. sabrina says

    I just got my storm and a new number. I was checking out my phone and came across some list of games I could purchase. I selected one and it asked me for my number. I did not know it
    So I closed out to find it now I can’t find that list of games any where. Please help.

  17. vicky says

    Hai all.,am using 9520.any of u can provide me a game links.r anny website.
    .it wil b vry useful to me.
    Am wrking in blackbery mobiles.any doubt in using d mobile cal bak me.


    Mail me @
    Jur ping me @315B4110


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