T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8320 Update Available

T-Mobile has just posted an update for the BlackBerry Curve 8320 that will bring your OS up to

The update fixes a bug that caused your new BlackBerry Curve to lose Hotspot @Home capability which basically prevented you from making calls or sending messages over Wi-Fi after using the Switch Device Wizard to restore backed up data from your old BlackBerry to your new BlackBerry Curve.

You can download the update by visiting the BlackBerry Upgrade section of T-Mobile’s site.


  1. Nikolaus says

    What, no comments on this? No one did this and encountered any problems? I’m updating while I write this, and am annoyed that I have two choices: Downgrade my GTalk from 2.x back to 1.x or remove. Why can’t we have a 3rd option to just leave it alone?

  2. dave says

    I just spent hours downloading this and reloading it, I got everything set and now my IM folder is empty, no AOL, no Yahoo, nothing! So frustating.

  3. Blade says

    Dnt update ur phone.the new update is gonna mess up the UMA . U won’t b abl to make calls thru uma no more the phone gets more bugs, my messages get deleted all by themselfs every day, is annoyong, and the wifi icon won’t even lit up no more. Pls do not update to stay wit the update that the phone brong . If u update u gonna regret it , I knw I did. N tmobile won’t even help me. Not even a trade . But the phone itself is great is just the latest update dat sucks.

  4. rg says

    i have the blackberry curve nd i pay 4 the unlimited text messaging and unlimited instant messaging. but i dont pay 4 the blakcberry plan. . is there a way 4 me 2 get yahoo nd aol without having 2 pay.

  5. La La says

    DO NOT UPGRADE, I upgrated and have hated my phone since then. It earases all my messages, and some numbers, it also freezes alot. BLAH!!!

  6. Dustin says

    The reason it deletes all your messages is b/c you’re running low on system memory. If you go through your phone and put everything on the memory card you’ll be just fine. I had the same problem and it was b/c I had too many pictures on my phones system memory. Easy fix.

  7. bb user says

    you should upgrade, i couldn’t use wi fi calling at all or sending text messages over it, or even use the built in browser…but some applications did work online, i updated and everything worked online again, the UMA text came up again…only thing that I noticed that sucks is you can’t send/recieve files on msn yahoo anymore from the built in messenger…or am i the only one to get this problem? once its done though it does take a little bit to do and it takes a WHILE to turn the phone back on, the hour glass sites on the screen a long time before it boots back up! you gotta devote some time to do this…also i had that problem with it deleting my messages, now its gone…except for losing file send, it has fixed my problems so far..

  8. bb user says

    to Dustin…how do you put your applications onto the memory card? I have pictures, audio and all there already but it doesn’t let me pick where to put programs, am i missing something?

  9. highv0ltage says

    I upgraded and now I can’t connect to my network using Wi-Fi. It finds the router, the router attempts the IP, but the Curve just errors out. The diagnostics say the IP address is no longer valid. I know that’s not true. The new style and updated apps are nice, but that’s about it.

  10. hriffen says

    I upgraded to (or am trying) and have had nothing but problems. My phone sits in an hour glass stage, every so ofen it lets me sign in then goes back into the hour glass stage. I have been on the phone with RIM three times and they are not sure if it hardware or software. I uninstalled everything last night and reinstalled. In the middle of the restore I get an error message say not connected to device, then the desktop manager drops connection, or the other way around. UGH!!! Has anyone else had this problem

  11. Ashmymoto says

    Take out your media card. I went through the same thing and after 2 hrs RIM realized there’s a bug w/ the 8320 and like 2 other models. You won’t have your pics/music and you won’t be able to use the video capability but atleast your phone will stop freaking out. They’re working on a fix for it… Hopefully that works for you.

  12. Tiffany says

    I just tried updating the software on my 8320 and now the screen is white & blank with with circle & line through it. It won’r do anything no matter what I press or how many times I try resetting it. T-mobile is telling me I just have to buy a new phone but used the software upgrade from their website & they won’t help at all!!! My husband did it right before mine and his worked fine. Does any one know what might fix this??? Please help! Thanks!

  13. laura says

    when my friend sent me a song from bbm why it didnt show in my music gallery? anybody help me??
    and if that song already sent, sometimes there is ‘expired’ word in my bbm??

  14. dianer says

    ive got the old curve & last dec while doing a backup, it crashed, locked, and i lost all contacts. my geek was able to restore it somehow but now i’ve got an old program that doesnt’ show profile pics in my bbm contact list or in bbm conversations. Easy fix? Any suggestions? Now I’m also very reluctant to do a backup as don’t want to loose all again.

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