Sprint Coming Out With New BlackBerry Data Plans

Pinstack Forums member cp6169 posted deets on the the new Sprint BlackBerry Power Vision Plan that will launch on November 4th. Like T-Mobile, Sprint is coming out with a cheaper BIS compared to it’s corporate BES Plans.

The big question for many is will Verizon do something similar?

  • Dr. G

    This is great. I heard about this just today from a rep. at a Sprint store. She said the official public announcement of the Pearl will likely be in the next week or two, and it has been highly anticipated by many.

    Now if only Epocrates would create a BlackBerry application, I’ll be all set…

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  • Ned

    Boygenius is reporting that the Pearl from Sprint is dropping on Nov. 23.

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  • Aaron Staker

    Here is the plan information and what you need to give Sprint.

    Effective 11/19/07, the $30 Power Vision BlackBerry Data Pack is available in P2K, Premiere, and PSA.

    Effective 11/19, this plan will also be made available in P2K, Premiere, and PSA.

    P2K billed customers will no longer be required to convert to Ensemble/CSM to get this plan.

    $30 Power Vision BlackBerry Data Pack:


    Consumer/Individual Liable Single Line: #C BBPK EVDOSTV3$30

    Consumer/Individual Liable Family Line: #L BBPK EVDOSTV3$30

    Ensemble/CSM: PDSTVBKCE

    $15 Phone as Modem plan (available to $30 BlackBerry Data Pack subscribers):

    #C PAM ATT $15

    Ensemble/CSM: PAM15UNL

  • Peter Filias

    Sprint’s online chat rep tells me that plan is only for the Pearl.

  • burke

    Well Peter you’re an idiot that is getting ripped off. The Sprint TV is the only option only available for the Pearl. The $30 plan works on every blackberry. The rep is telling you this to make you stay on your $39.99 or $49.99 or $69.99 plan. Go call him back and chew him a new one.