SlingPlayer Mobile For BlackBerry Beta

Word on the street is that Sling Media is about to start a public beta for the Sling Player Mobile for BlackBerry client.

We aren’t exactly sure when the beta will be available. It is “still a ways off” according to the Sling Community forum. You can, however, register for the Sling Media beta program by filling out a bunch of information here.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually bought an application for my BlackBerry but I can tell you that I will gladly shell out the 30 bucks when this one ships.


  1. Wayne says

    Is there a Media Player for Blackberry that would allow you to use the Blackberry to play streaming media from other similar products such as Orb or WebGuide? These generally can be played on WMP and I can use them in conjunction with my Pocket PC device, but what about my Blackberry?

  2. xxAbite says

    Maybe it is just me but the though of watching TV on such a small screen just doesn’t appeal to me at all. If I am somewhere with a wi-fi connection and I really want to watch TV I would rather pull my laptop out so that I don’t have to squint.

  3. Dayfid says

    I understand that pearl 8100 OS 4.3 will play 3GP streeming files, used by
    When is OS 4.3 available for Pearl 8100?

  4. alinnible says

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