Six Apart Releases Native BlackBerry Client For TypePad

Six Apart, makers of the popular blogging engine Moveable Type and the company behind TypePad, a hosted solution for Moveable Type, has released a native BlackBerry Client for TypePad hosted blogs.

TypePad customers can now easily capture and upload photos directly from their Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Pearl phones to their blogs wirelessly. TypePad bloggers can also use their device to compose draft blog posts, store them for later editing or publish them from within the device’s trackball and keyboard interface. In creating and saving drafts for later editing, bloggers are able to use popular desktop publishing controls with the convenience of mobile blogging.

RIMarkable runs on top of WordPress, however, we’ve got another blog or two hosted on TypePad and we will be downloading this client about 12 seconds after posting this post.

Read the full press release here.

  • Michael Romero

    Call me when someone comes up with a WordPress version of this. Then I might be colored impressed.

  • jason

    Yeah the wordpress version would be awesome. My website is wordpress and I write blogs and stuff all the time but would love the ability to upload photos within the blog.

  • Macintiger

    This looks pretty cool…I know some of y’all probably look down on Google’s Blogger service but I wish they would come out with something like this. The “email to blog” ability is ok but limited. This looks like a step in the right direction to a full-featured blog editor on the BB!

  • Gaytard

    Whatever, not so cool, still looking for the WordPress version like everyone else… when will they get all the bells and whistles into a phone and make it quick to load… that’s something to ponder. I HATE waiting for my BB to load at startup and pages…

  • jhp2

    I used this several times to update my blog today. I can see using it to upload photos but I prefer using email to update my blog. The reasons hvae to do with formatting. There is no way to create paragraph breaks. Additionally, BB formatting shortcuts such as double space for a period and automatically capitalizing the firts word in a sentence does not work in the client.

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