RIM To Sell BlackBerry PlayBook For Under $500

During an interview in Seoul, Research in Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie hints that the BlackBerry PlayBook will sell for less than Apple’s iPad.  “The product will be very competitively priced” and will launch in Q1 expanding globally in Q2.  It looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook  will cost less than $500.  How much less remains to be seen.  Personally, I believe for the PlayBook to have any real shot we need to see it in the $299 to $349 price range.

[Via Bloomberg]


  1. Me says

    Just so you know:
    “Mr. Balsillie refused to set the specific price for the Playbook, but when pushed by reporters said it would sell for under $500.”

    According to the Globe and Mail, at least…

  2. says

    Hopefully this will mark the start of a RIM comeback. If the Playbook lives up to the hype and they can get their handset’s back up to par I will gladly switch all of my devices back to RIM.

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