RIM Launches Official BlackBerry Support Community Forums

We’re not quite sure what took them so long, however, Research in Motion has launched the official BlackBerry Support Community Forums.

The forum looks like it was just started today as I cannot find any posts dated before April 1st. I do have to apologize because I cannot remember where I first heard about this. It may have been an email from a reader or the BlackBerry Connection Newsletter.

So far the BlackBerry Support Community Forums appear to be a hit. There are over 100 registered users and over 500 guest logged in as I write this post. There are already several dozen threads and a couple of hundred posts.

Since these forums are run by Research in Motion, I wonder if they will control the amount of leaked information that you can find on the threads. I was not able to use the name RIMarkable as my logon name when I created my account. I find that kind of interesting.


  1. GBVZ says

    Very cool! I’ve registered there as GBVZ too. Maybe I’ll get an answer to my email issue I’ve been having with my Pearl.

  2. Jonabyte says

    I prefer going to blackberryforums.com, since there is an established audience there.
    Not sure what this site will offer in addition.


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