Research in Motion Changes Name to BlackBerry…

Of all the things I was expecting to come out of the BlackBerry 10 launch today, Research in Motion changing it’s name to “BlackBerry” was not one of them.

I’ll be the first to admit just a few years ago when the BlackBerry was the predominant smartphone platform in the industry, a significant number of BlackBerry users had no idea that the name of the company that built their device was Research in Motion.  Even today, although RIM is a pretty popular name, many people who know the acronym, don’t know what it stands for.

I guess I can understand why RIM would change its name, but, changing the company name to the name of the product???  That one is going to have to grow on me.

BlackBerryarkable just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

What do you think?  Is renaming the company from Research in Motion to BlackBerry a good thing for the BlackBerry?  Let us know in the comments…


  1. rebirth_ says

    I agree with it, I understand where you & andre deSilva are coming from; however samsung and motorola always branded their products with the company name, for example:

    motorola droid 2
    motorola droid x
    morotrola drioid bionic

    samsung galaxy sII
    samsung galaxy sIII
    samsung gravity

    even HTC
    HTC one x
    HTC wildfire

    HTC something…

    RIM did not do such a thing so the non-immersed consumer have no idea who RIM is unless they took it upon themselves to find out. So the natural transition is to name themselves after what they make (primarily) and have the product line follow as in the above example and NOT have “Research In Motion Blackberry 10 Z10 Smartphone”

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