It’s Official… The Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Ships Nov. 8th

The day that many a Verizon BlackBerry subscriber, myself included, has been waiting for is almost upon us. On November 8th, just one week from today, the Verizon BlackBerry Pearl 8130 goes on sale.

As mentioned in our previous post, the Verizon BlackBerry Pearl became available for pre-order today. It will set you back $199 with with a 2-year service plan after a $100 online discount.

You can pre-order here


  1. John C says

    Bummer…I was hoping that this would have Verizon TV capabilities (as the Sprint version is reported to have). I don’t see any mention of it, so I assume that Verizon’s version will not include TV (or ESPN).

  2. Rich says


    Select a normal voice plan and on the next page you are required to make a choice between a couple of BB data plans.

  3. Bea says

    Does this mean stores will have it on the 8th as well or only pre-orders are shipped that day? I’m debating whether or not to pre-order or gamble trying to get one in-store and in-hand on the 8th . . . Advise?

  4. says

    I’m an existing customer and I was able to pre-order and set up a new plan online without a problem. With the cheapest phone and data plans it’s 79.99/month.

  5. Ominx says

    It looks like Rich is right. If you select a basic voice plan you can add on the BB plan for $30 rather than what amounts to $40 if you select a bundled voice and data plan. Either it’s a glitch, or there is some difference between the two that I’m not seeing.

  6. Gary Chan says

    What’s the difference between:
    1. Email and Web for BlackBerry®
    2. Blackberry Solution™ Unlimited Data Usage

    I’m guessing that “Email and Web for BlackBerry®” does not have unlimited data usage, but there is no mention about this in the description.

  7. Ryan says

    As this would be my first time buying a blackberry could someone please explain the difference in the data packages from Verizon? What is recommended? I’d like access to e-mail obviously, but how does internet browsing work exactly?

  8. DT says

    My guess is that the 29.99 plan gives access to email/web using Blackberry’s BIS service. (You can specify 10 pop3 or imap accounts that Blackberry fetches and sends to your phone) The $45 plan uses Blackberry’s BES service (usefull for users w/ “corporate email”) and will take advantage of either Exchange or Lotus mail server. This in turn will have the “corporate email” on your phone sync w/ that in your office/outlook webmail. So, you could probably do fine w/ the cheaper plan providing you don’t need to connect to an exchange or lotus mail server.

  9. hellno says

    remember it’s verizon and you will get what they offer to you nothing more, and most times verizon will try to sneak even less. You are also expected to be happy with what verizon offers since their word is law to vealot sheep. It took over a year to get the Pearl which is mere scraps from the GSM table, and without a doubt verizon will have features removed and crippled which have been and are available on other Pearls. RIM and many other top tier providers have found it’s better to just focus on standard, open global GSM for many many reasons. In a few years when verizon upgrades to the GSM family of technologies those not in the know, will be in for a rude awakening, when it’ll be much harder for verizon to continue on with it’s anti-consumer corporate culture. Enjoy the Pearl, the rest of the world already knows it’ll be the best device on verizon’s network.

  10. skelz says

    FYI – if you are up for “New Every Two”, here’s how to get the 8130 for $99.

    This ONLY works if you are out of contract and eligible for New Every Two… if not, neither of the two discounts will appear online.

    * BB Pearl Retail price = $299
    * Before checkout, $100 discount will be applied automatically to price, new price = $199
    * When selecting Blackberry data package, select “Blackberry Solution” (BES) package at $44.99/mo.
    * At checkout you should now see an “Advance Device Credit” of $100, new price = $99

    When you receive the phone, immediately call Verizon and have them switch your data plan to “Email and Web for Blackberry at $29.99/mo.

    Final price including tax and free shipping comes to $104.99!


  11. Bill says

    this from a verizon sales rep…

    the Email and Web for Blackberry at $29.99/mo only include 10MB of data before you start getting charged add’l

    the $79.99 blackberry plan includes 5GB of data

  12. Loren says

    The Pearls are ready to ship out now for web orders. My order status page states the order was processed and I should receive it in 2 to 3 days.

  13. iggy says

    Hey hellno. I’m just curious. Do you work for Cingulat&t or T-Maybe…i mean T-Mobile? Sorry. I call it T-Maybe cause I made the mistake of switching to it from Verizon for bout 6 months and when I’d try to make a call or send a message, maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn’t. So I asked at one store why my signal was so spotty and they said I dunno. So I asked at another store (kiosk in the mall) and they said oh that’s cause you have a cheap phone. If you buy a new, better (aka: more expensive) phone it’ll work just fine. I said oh. That’s cool. And then proceeded down the hall to the Verizon store to switch back to Verizon. Ya it takes forever for them to get new phones. And as for the “crippling”, I don’t even use the features they “cripple” anyways. All I know is with Verizon, when I go to make a call I know it’s going to work. AT&T and T-Mobile may be wonderful for other people, but for me…I’d rather use a tin can and a string.

    Or wait a minute…did the little green men tell you that they’ll destroy earth if people use Verizon?

  14. hellno says

    iggy, NOPE but know and truth and call it like it is. Also iggy, thats typical verizon customer excuse about the crippled features but I’d bet every now and then you might like to use a BB with built in autonomous GPS, the way RIM designed it, or perhaps bluetooth which was crippled in other verizon phones (which was proven and they lost class action law suits) excusing that anti-customer behavior from a service provider (verizon) which lies while removing and crippling features and functions while they pad their own pockets is un-excusable.

    By the way the other providers are just as good if not better than verizon. Why keep making up excuses instead of learning the truth?

  15. D says

    hellno, enough already. “cripled,” “sheep,” “anti-consumer,” “cripled,” “sheep,” “anti-consumer”… we got it. understood. really. no need for anymore of your repetitive posts. have a good night.

  16. Flyupfront says

    I am ( and have been for many many years) an existing Verizon customer.

    First of all, let me tell you, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE for VERIZON’ call quality or customer service.

    Secondly, I ordered the pearl this morning for $99.00 ( + tax) after a “new every two” discount and an “advanced device credit” each of $100.

    There were no activation fees or shipping charges.

    The device has shipped out fed ex already from Ontario , CA.

    I look forward to using the device Monday A.M.


  17. Ernie says

    Also was confused about the two different data plans on the website; called Verizon and spoke to two different reps-both confirmed that the $29.99 plan is limited to 10MB of data and you will get charged for the overage. The $44.99 plan is the unlimited plan. I made a suggestion that they should state this on their site to avoid confusion and extra calls and the illusion of them trying to be “sneaky.” Rep suggested I fill out an online suggestion form. I asked why not bring it to the attention of their supervisor???

    Regardless, I ordered my Pearl today for $99 + tax after online discount and every 2 year discount and have already gotten email stating it shipped today. I should have by Monday I guess.

  18. hellno says


    Forgot another couple words which are hand in hand with verizon, Union-busting. verizon aka the walmart of telcom, be proud verizon customers… NOT

    Union-Busting Verizon Wireless is the WalMart of TeleCom

  19. Utter says


    You spend way too much time on here. I am amazed there are actually people with such passionate feelings about cell phone providers. Dude, give it a rest. I’ve had ATT and Alltel and they both had awful reception. Of course, I’m just an “average uneducated consumer” and not a cell phone techie geek. However, your ignorance or should I say arrogance does kind of humor me.

  20. bluehorseshoe says

    Its hard to believe Verizon would advertise a 29.99 BB plan and not mention the 10MB limit. That opens a can of worms for a good old Class Action lawsuit.

    I’m a heavy data user and this would discourage me from using the plan or service. From my understanding on the additional 15 dollars, it’s unlimited and also allows you to use the phone as a modem. I guess getting that plan gets the unlimited days with the bonus of using it with a laptop or PC.

    Oh well…

  21. pd says

    To clear up some confusion,the $30 plan is unlimited data and email. The $45 plan is also unlimited but is only necessary if you are connecting to your corporate email. (i.e. Exchange server etc.). You can add the $15 dollar tethering option to either plan. Those prices are with a bundled voice plan. Not sure on standalone, but I think the $30 plan goes up to $35.

    I really think Verizon needs to train their cs people a little better. When I called yesterday, the first guy I spoke to had no idea the Pearl was available or how the plans worked. Good thing the internet exists…

  22. Dan says

    So got VZ Navigator downloaded and enabled my Location on, but it told me to call *611 to see if I was provisioned. I figured that was a feature that was included, but you have to pay an additional $9.99 a month. And I can’t get Google Maps working. Anyone ran into this snag?

  23. Yo says

    I dunno, I smile when I see hellno’s posts :) VZ is not the best place to work, but ATT is decent, its more lax…. and it is union, as far as service is concerned you guys are blaming networks way too much – dropped calls are associaited with phone firmware than anything else. Poor signal strength is relative, and depends on your area. Everyone has different experiences with carriers, its the idiots who blame the company as a whole because they dont have a tower with in 3 miles of their busted ass crunked up house in the middle of BFE – in which case ATT would usually work better….. but if you know anything about cellular – firmware and crappy phones are the reason for your crappy service.

    There is no inferior network as both HSDPA//Rev. A are both CDMA technology. I will tell you from experience though, the cross country travelers, truckers//RV’ers AT&T provides better coverage because they have more of hickville roaming partners, as much more are GSM based. Verizon has a solid seat in cellular no doubt about it, and with the coming of the worldphone ideas they are starting to have to build dual radio battery hog devices just like AT&T.

    I’m really on no carriers side, I just think its funny how adament people are about there cell phone company. Lets face it, its all about the devices! I have sprint and I used to get shitty reception and bad call quality with the A920, recently upgraded to the LG Rumor, and boom, perfect, all is new. People are sueing cell phone network providers for things like bluetooth, syncing and shit that has nothing to do with the network coverage – that just tells you how stupid people are. If you have a problem with the shitty features, call RIM


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