IMAP E-Mail Now Instantly Pushed To BIS Users

It looks like RIM has rolled out a BIS upgrade that is allowing faster, almost instant, delivery of email over IMAP. BIS users used to have to wait as much as 15 minutes before their e-mail was delivered but delivery nows appears to be immediate.



  1. says

    @TESZ9 – thanks, clarification – how do I change BIS to grab Gmail via IMAP opposed to POP3. It defaults to POP3 on my Rogers BIS server, and I can’t seem to find anywhere to enter IMAP server/Port info..

    any other on Rogers BIS using IMAP on there BB’s have it working?

  2. says

    @TESZ9 you’re right, I had disabled IMAP support in my Gmail settings some time ago – when I turned them back on my BIS configuration seems to have automatically switched to IMAP as I get my Gmail on my BB now almost instantly.

    This rocks.

  3. Scott says

    This is very cool! I’ve been bummed about the speed of mail delivery with BIS, ever since I had to move away from BES when I changed jobs.

    Note: if you want to setup imap for a service that RIM doesn’t have default settings (ie. non gmail, yahoo, etc.), you need to force the email setup to allow for manual configuration. You do this by entering the email address, but leave the passwords blank on the initial setup page. Then you will get an option to configure the service manually.

    I now get my work email via BIS, instantly.

  4. says

    @Scott – thanks very much for that information, leaving the passwords blank is the key – to others doing this, you only have to enter as the email server and it auto configures port 993 for you if you are using Gmail. Someone at RIM was thinking.

  5. says

    Well, this *WAS* blazing fast, but over the last week it appears to have reverted to the old 15 minute delay on every email. Both for IMAP and MAPI accounts.

    Any official word on this from RIM? What’s the deal? Did someone change a setting over there, get slapped and change it back?

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