How To Unlock Your BlackBerry For Free

I know that there are a lot of GSM BlackBerry users out there that want to use their BlackBerry on antother network, however, don’t want to pay to get an unlock code so that they can do so.

Find out how to get a Free BlackBerry Unlock Code from!!!

Well, some good Samaritan has posted the process of unlocking your BlackBerry for free via your carrier to wikiHow and the 13 steps that it takes appear to be pretty easy and straight forward.

I didn”t have access to a GSM BlackBerry at the time of this posting so I cannot vouch for the process, so, if you decided to try it out, and it works or doesn’t work, please leave us a comment and let us know how you made out.

How To Unlock Your BlackBerry For Free

  1. Call your carrier.
  2. Ask for the MEP code.
  3. Give them your IMEI number.
  4. To get your IMEI number, type this on your phone, *#06#, and it should pop up.
  5. Once you get your MEP code, turn off your wireless radio on your phone.
  6. Go to SETTING or OPTIONS.
  7. Then go to ADVANCE OPTIONS.
  8. Then go to SIM CARD
  9. Type “MEPD” on your phone.
  10. You should see “Network as Active”
  11. Hold SHIFT + type “MEPE” or “MEP2”
  12. You should see “Network as Disabled”
  13. You are now the proud owner of an unlocked Blackberry

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  1. says

    The first question that comes to mind is how willing are the carriers to give up the MEP code? Will you have to concoct some story about how you are going to be touring Europe for the summer with friends and that you want to be able to buy pre-paid SIM cards depending on what country you are in?

  2. Beilks says

    AT&T would not give me the MEP code over the phone. Said it was against their procedure. Anyone know of a way to get around this?

  3. says

    I bought my BlackBerry 8900 on 2/11 from Amazon.

    I just called T-Mobile to check on how easy this would (or would not be).

    1. T-Mobile requires that you be outside of your remorse period (14 days) – so in my case I have to wait a few more days to be able to request this.

    I bounced around between a few people who did not seems to know what a MEP code was. Finally I hit BlackBerry support where once I said MEP code she replied “Oh, you want to unlock”

    She asked ” Why ”

    The only reply I’ve ever used is “I’m going to be traveling to Bahamas” and would like to use a prepaid SIM card (this is pretty standard excuse to give and they seem to take it no questions asked)

    2. Assuming you are outside of the remorse period, T-Mobile will take your information (which I believe is IMEI ) and generate an unlock code.

    3. This unlock code is sent to you via email with instructions to enter it into your phone.

    I’ve done this once before with T-Mobile on a different device – and I can confirm that the above does indeed work.

    I’m unsure how other GSM carriers handle this though if I have a free minute I may try calling on my Bold just to see what the response is.

  4. Juan Zamora says

    I don’t know why you need the MEP code?? the article says in the point 2.- ASk for the MEP code but in the next steps never says why do you need this.
    In the point .11 says you have to hold shift and type “MEPE” or “MEP2”.. it never says where to type the MEP code the carrier gave you. Anyone help?

    • chad says

      you need to click the black berry button and click show keyboard and you just type the word mep not the other one cuz it will screw it up an realy dont try putten any code till it works they block ur card then

  5. Juan Zamora says

    ok i got it now.. they forget to put that after .11 hes gonna ask you to type in the MEP code the carrier gave you. now i get it 😛 the .12 should say Now type the MEP code the carrier gave you. XD

  6. new user says

    This only works for BB that use SIM card right?

    AT&T provides international plan by default, so they will never give you the MEP code. Not sure after you fulfill the 2 year contract, getting a new phone with signing a new contract.

    Last time when I travel overseas, turned on the BB after getting off plane. It started to download the e-mail and txt msg. I made couple quick phone calls to make sure it worked. It costs me like $10 just for that.

    • chad says

      wen u get a blackberry storm you call verizon and tell them they tell you no matter ur responce as long as it is activated and you can cancle ur contract with them as long as u dont have it longer then 30 days just tell them u dont like it and keep the phone

  7. says

    I don’t know what a MEP code is but I can tell you how to unlock your phone with AT&T.

    Just ask them for an unlock code and tell them that you will be out of the country for awhile.

    They’ll email it to you. When that doesn’t work because the wrong phone is on file with them, they’ll just tell you right over the phone.

    No hassles and no worries!


  8. Ben says

    will not work in the UK whilst your in your commitment period. most networks charge £20 for a Network unlock code

  9. Ed says

    AT&T unlocks a used 8300 I received as a gift, over the phone. No lies nor excuses was required. I just told them I got it as gift and the prior owner got a new phone. He came back with the Unlock code and gave it to me over the phone. The call took 15 minutes (woulda been quicker if he was familiar with the procedures).

    You can unlock a Verizon BB8830WE or a Storm to be use with overseas SIM as well. Again, I just call Verizon and ask for the code. They don’t even required a reason from me. Ask—–>Received; over the phone.

    • chad says

      they told me that it had to be activated befor i could get it cuz they had to have the information to fallow up

  10. says

    t-mo is quite fair in giving out un-lock info, even if your not a t-mo subscriber. Pay full price and they will give you the un-lock code. Thats how I got my first Pearl when it came out originally only on t-mo.

    All this locked / branded talk again RIM should start selling unbranded / unlocked direct for those who don’t mind paying a little bit more for less restrictions

  11. K4VKS says

    ALL Of my TMO phones are unlocked by TMO. Just call 611 and ask for your unlock code. A few days later I would get an email or txt with the unlock code and instructions….free, simple, and painless.

  12. nathan says

    I have a Blackberry peral that connects to the 2.5g network (EDGE), do I require this unlock code, or would I benifit from it at all rather? GSM is a slower network than the 2.5g (EDGE) or (EVO) Network, right? So only older blackberry’s would benifite from this? Sorry I’m still learning about the blackberry’s I just got mine 3 daysago.


  13. nathan says

    Also is there any good downloads for the Peral 8220 going around? all I could find is downloads for the Storm.

    Thanks again

  14. nikki says

    tmobile wont give it to me cause I owe them money can I get a key gen from some one for free

  15. says

    The Blackberry handset is good in use and relay able PC handset through which we can setting our documents on different file and can also give code it for lock or unlock security.

  16. Bayar says

    hi all ! i have a blackberry 9530 but i can’t unlock bb mep code
    please send e-mail . my phone imei code 359483.02.608197.1

  17. Tia says

    Umm.. I wanna unlock my bbstorm to t-mobile ..( I have the blackberry curve. At the moment..) So do I call the carrier on my other cell phone and ask for my unlocking code for the bb storm..I’m confused

  18. jeff says

    do you need a sim card when you unlock a phone i have a blackberry 8830 from sprint and i want to unlock it for tmobile and the blackberry has no sim card

  19. Tereza says

    I brought a BB storm locked from Verizon. My carrier is a T-Mobile and they will not give the MEP code to unlock the phone. They claim only T-Mobile phones can be unlocked. Whe I turn the phone to try to get the IMEI number nothing happens. Do I need to put a SIM card from somewhere to get the number? Can anybody help?

  20. Kelly says

    I haven’t been able to try to unlock the blackberry I bought off craigs list yet, but I have been doing my research and am finding that it depends on the customer service rep you talk to when your trying to get the mep codes. I wonder… is there anywhere online to get the codes free?
    Also, I found a site that seems to exlpain how to unlock the bb free and pretty stright forward:

  21. Marietta says

    Hello, my bb is locked to Rogers in Canada… they are not forthcoming with info. Anybody have any suggestions?

  22. Neka says

    I was givin a bb storm and i dont have the info on it so i cant call the carrier but its a verizon and i want to unlock to t mobile is there any way to get the code free? Someone help please!

  23. Kelly says

    Ok… here was my prob:
    I bought a bb from craigs list, it was an atnt phone but I have t-mobile service, so I tried to unlock it. I am kind of retarded so this was an interesting experience, but heres what I learned. So, if you call ATnT for the MEP/unlock code, it definately depends on who you talk to…. I called 5 times, and two out of five people wouldnt give me the code, they told me that someone would call me to discuss a “case” with me, the others told me with the previous IMEI number they couldnt give me any info because the phone wasnt registered in my name, and then finally I emailed atnt and simply asked for the unlock code, and after only two days, they replied with the code and instructions on how to unlock it. So… my only advice to anyone trying to unlock the phone is that if at first you dont succeed, try and try again, you will eventually get someone who will give it to you.

  24. cory says

    i just unlocked my bb storm and the lady that did this for me sayed to turn on connections and it accepted the code it sayes sim disabeld network inactive and everything eles disabeld i dont know if this is bad or good please help me!

  25. says

    I just unlocked my ROgers 8900 with

    i paid $30 and had my code in 3 hours.

    i would definately use them again. im thinking about getting a storm so if i find a good deal on a storm ill buy it and have them unlock it for me. sweeeeet

  26. Talia says

    I need a code to unlock my blackberry storm, and I have AT&T could someone please give me some info on how to do this or a code???

  27. says

    Carriers do not give away codes easily. As mentioned by Wayne Schulz, T-mobile has a lengthy list of requirements as does AT&T. Rogers and Fido will not give you a code whatsoever.

    The reasons why carriers do not provide these codes easily is because they are technically killing their potential in racking up on your roaming fees or to potentially lose you to another GSM carrier. Makes sense doesn’t it? Why would you stay with AT&T if T-mobile is providing you with a better rate plan and you have an unlocked Blackberry Bold?

    This is the reason why we unlock phones for $20. You avoid the headaches, time and trying to find a sly way to trick your carrier.

    Feel free to pop me an e-mail if you have any other questions or checkout at our website. If you got your code for free, awesome!

  28. kyle says

    if you unlock a bb phone do you get free internet without buying a data plan

    example, i have att service and i want to get an unlocked bb tour which is not availible to att customers…would i be able to use the internet or not?

  29. shahzad says

    sir I need a code to unlock my blackberry8900 t-mobile imei 358453024823253 send unlock mep code

  30. tomiwa says

    please any one .. i need help unlockin my bb .. i dnt evn know ow to get the imei numb or the mep code free please

  31. mohammed says

    I just purchased an unlock code for my Blackberry Bold.
    But the MEP code did not work. any ideas on what to do next?

  32. balogun says

    please i need an MEP code for my blackberry and i dnt have access to a prepaid card can some one help here is my IMEI numb-352110.03.312334.1

  33. says

    Well not in the case of verizon,they told me to wait for 4 months and asked 150 bucks for unlock code ,but soon i realized there are better unlock code providers which provided me unlock code..

  34. Semtex says

    Hi everyone,

    PLEASE, can anyone help me obtaining the MEP code for my BB 8320?

    IMEI – 358264019279462

    Thanks in advance.

  35. Randell Miller says

    Having problems with Verizon, and want to go to Sprint. I want my Blackberry storm unlocked so I can sell it online. Under contract with Verizon for 2 months. Feel like I’ve been sucked into this provider and don’t care for them at all.

  36. Icko says

    I Want Help… for blackberry storm 9500 unlock code pls help me how to find it without purchased my IMEI is 359484.02.923217.3

  37. thomas says

    i have a blackberry storm but i want it unlocked for tmobile without paying 50$ help me please

  38. parnelipi westling says

    Hello, I have a blackberry storm. the 9500. the Imei number is 352109.03.751354.9 please help me unlock my phone.

  39. M.... says

    i have a blackberry curve 8900, i already buy the code to unlock the phone but on the screen appears code error…
    can u guys please please help me.

    • rinaldi says

      i have BlackBerry 8.900
      no imei: 359485027543123
      could you send MEP code for me ? Anda bisa mengirim kode MEP untuk saya?
      thank you ( my email terima kasih

  40. vnnewbie says

    i have BB 8900
    imei no: 358453.02.003518.3
    could you send MEP code for me ?
    thank alot.( my email

  41. lia says

    How to unlock blackberry TOUR from Verizon? Please help me!
    I will be travel to North Korea, and need this phone over there.
    Thank you.

  42. Anjoe says

    Hi i am in jamaica and my black berry storm is locked to verizon wireless data and they wont release the code. Please help me. My IMEI number is 352110.03.364485.8

    email me at

  43. julio navarret says

    i got the blackberry storm just buy the code right in ebay for less than 9 dollars it works perfect in my bb storm

  44. Aytekin says

    i have BB 8900
    imei no: 353471039750167
    could you send MEP code for me ?
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  45. bb83 says

    i have BlackBerry 8300
    imei no: 355772017418604
    could you send MEP code for me ?
    thank you ( my email

  46. Omar Fishir says

    i have two phones i need to get the MEP code for.
    my blackberry 8900:
    IMEI: 359485.02.212283.2
    my blackberry 8220:
    IMEI: 356028.02.738603.7

  47. Bo says

    i have BlackBerry 8.900
    no imei: 365381.03.612293.8
    could you send MEP code for me ?
    Thank you in advance!

  48. kevin. says

    hi i hav a blackberr 8330 from canada and i’m in st vincent in d carribean n d prob is d phone dnt hav a sim card please help me unlock it 2 work here

  49. raju says

    i have BlackBerry 8900
    no imei: 359485.02.726663.4
    could you send MEP code for me ?
    Thank you in advance!

  50. Billywalton1 says

    hi ya can u please please send me the unlock code
    bb8900 curve
    imei; 359485021919725
    thank u if u can please send …. cheers

  51. Bosqo says

    imei 980072.00.248812.3
    mep 15326-002
    prd 17740-002
    can someone help me to unlock a bb storm 9550 locked on verizon, I don’t have a verizon sim card. email Thank you in advance

  52. Pescefrance says

    Hello I have a Blackberry 8707g
    IMEI: 359883.00.550559.5
    I need the unlocking code to access my MEP. i tried in many ways to unlock, but it failed.
    email me:

    lookin forward to hearing from u…Thanks.

  53. Rimarx says

    Hello. I have a Storm2
    I need the unlock code please
    Blackberry storm2 9550
    Original Carrier Verizon
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  54. PhucND says

    I have also a Blackberry 8900 and using the T-Mobile Network
    IMEI no: 359485.02.760088.1
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    thanks a lot.( my email

  55. CGDGC says

    PLEASE, can anyone help me obtaining the MEP code for my BB storm2 9520?

    IMEI – 35629703.249375.3
    Tks a million

      • Joseph Bituin says

        Hi Estrapou,  I can see that you have been very helpful with others in unlocking their mobiles.  I hope you could help me too.

        My IMEI: 359485.02.006354.1
        MEP: 11414-002
        Blackberry 8900 Curve


        J O E Y

  56. robin says

    IMEI: 351937.04.090981.2


  57. Sjohns70 says

    Hello, I have a BB 8520 curve, is it possible to help me out and provide me the MEP code. My IMEI# is 356932.04.096741.0 my email is, Thanks in advance if this is possible..

  58. Nikki Hart says

    Hey there. I have a BB Storm and I would really appreciate it if someone can help me get my MEP code.
    My IMEI: 352110.03.707351.8
    Thank you

  59. Gregy_boy_24 says

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  60. Ryan Camerlengo says

    Ill unlock any blackberry for $20 USD. Email me at for more info. The process takes up to 24 hours to generate a code or for $50 USD it only takes 20 minutes.

    • Gofuckyourself says

       hi i would like to unlock a lot of blackberries. I like the price as the company wants to charge 50 each. So I have with me 25 phones now and get about 30-40 bb’s every month to sell out of my store. what is the price for the 25 and 30-40 thereafter every month?
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  61. James123roberts says

    My IMEI is359428.03.186795.5, I need to access my MEP code 

    E-Mail me at

  62. Brittanyy_babee says

    i got all the way to step 11, then typed in my MEP code and apparently its the wrong code and that i need the “network MEP code” please help! I own a white blackberry curve 8520 on t-mobile.

  63. richy says

    hi i need your help for unlock my bb =) thanks in advanced!!

    MEP- 06041-010
    IMEI- 356297.03.509728.8


  64. josh says

    hello i have curve 8520 imei 358472039399992 somebody plz 
    help me 2 get mep code
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  65. Jagaa_516 says

    Hello. my name is Jagaa. I am writing from this letter in Mongolia. I have Blackberry 9530. and i need UNLOCK CODE. PLEASE HELP ME.
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  66. Nikkir_2007 says works the best for FREE Blackberry unlock codes. No gimmices, no sign-ups, no bull.

  67. Nikkir_2007 says works the best for FREE Blackberry unlock codes. No gimmices, no sign-ups, no bull.

  68. Velikia says

    My IMEI is 354695047008528 its a blackberry torch locked to Bouygues France.
    I need the unlock code please.
    Email me: velikia@gmail:disqus .com

    Would really appreciate if someone give me the unlock code THX.

  69. Velikia says

    My IMEI is 354695047008528 its a blackberry torch locked to Bouygues France.I need the unlock code please.Email me: velikia@ gmail.comWould really appreciate if someone give me the unlock code THX.

  70. dato says

    hello I am from georgia, I have blackberry 9000 bold vodafone… please help me  to open code, it write inavlid sim card.. imel 351845.03.913012.8  I please very very much to help.. my email is kurtanidze_davit@yahoo-SNWL6FFPDYX5JUPGQPA7ZCDYAA:disqus .com       please write me.