How To Convert DVDs For Your BlackBerry

After writing detailed instructions for Windows Phone users to convert DVD’s and watch them on their phones I have decided to help out the BlackBerry community.

The key to getting into converting movies is simplicity. It has to be easy. I have been doing it for a long time and have suffered through a lot, and,  now I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, the process is made easier by using DVDFab. DVDFab “DVD to DVD” has a lot of options for you to convert DVD’s.  It runs fast and is updated regularly.

I use the DVD to DVD version of the software as it provides the most options.  This version allows me to take the DVD content and put it in a Video_TS format on my hard drive.  This may sound technical but essentially it allows me to queue up for a bulk conversion.  Once I decided I wanted to put movies on my mobile device I purchased the DVD to Mobile component of DVDFab.  If you only want to put content on your mobile device, you can bypass the DVD to DVD version and just get  DVDFab “DVD to Mobile” version. DVDFab has different pricing options for both components. 1 year of the mobile version is $50.00 while a lifetime key will cost you 75.60. I have the lifetime and it is worth every penny.

  • If you looking for the most flexibility buy DVDFab “DVD to DVD”
  • If you want to convert movies for you mobile but going DVD to DVD is not needed save a couple bucks and buy DVDFab “DVD to Mobile”
  • I have gone through several products and this one is my favorite.

Straight from the DVD

After you install DVDFab you simply need to drop a disc into the DVD tray. Once you close the tray DVDFab will begin to recognize your disc.

1. Once this disc is recognized it is time to set your options. Here you will notice that DVDFab is capable of converting your movie for the iPod, iPhone  and the rest of the I’s, Zune, Zune HD, Xbox, Playstation, and much more. For this we will choose the Cell Phone option on the left. ( it may be under the more option )

2. In the middle of the screen, the main movie should already be selected for you, if not select it. (It is usually the longest playtime. For multi episode disks you will have to select each one or run the process multiple times.)

3. Next on the right hand side choose the proper audio. (even if you choose 5.1, if the profile you select does not support it then the final result will be a two channel movie not 6. Be patient, Profiles are next!)

4. Under the audio section, choose if you want subtitles (of course not but I had to add it)

5. Browse to the location where you want the final output file saved.


Profiles are basically different video conversion settings that have been predetermined based on the device you select. Some of the devices will have multiple “Profiles”, but usually the default one is good enough. And in this case use the BlackBerry.Storm Profile. (This should work on most Blackberries. We tested the Storm and the Tour and they both looked great.

Now, there is one thing you may want to change in the profile and that is the name of the output file and the title of the movie. This step is optional, but just click the edit button next the the Profile drop down and type in the information at the top. When you are done click “ok”

Now click the big “Start” button at the bottom right hand corner to start the conversion.

Once you click “Start” DVDFab will begin the conversion. Depending on the speed of your computer, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, so go have some coffee or something.

1. After the conversion is complete go to the directory you selected for the output file

2. There will be a Zune folder that was created, and in that folder will be another folder with the name of the disc.

3. Grab the movie and copy it to your phone.


From the Hard Drive

Earlier I mentioned that you can queue up the movies you are going to convert. To queue up movies instead of entering a disc, you just browse to the folder that contains the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD located on your hard drive.

To do this just click the folder icon next to the source field.

Browse to the folder and select it.

After the movie is analyzed follow the instructions from Straight from the DVD. DO NOT CLICK START YET!!

Repeat these steps until all the movies are loaded.. ( Hit the “Queue” button in the bottom right corner to see all the movies that are loaded. You can also adjust the video settings on each movie in the queue. )

Now click start.



  1. says

    Unfortunately I do not use Handbrake for the very same reason of your question. I became annoyed with trying to figure out what the exact settings are for different devices. I have used a ton of different applications but it was always a pain. I rip and convert movies for my iPod Touch, Zune HD, Windows Media Center, 3 Windows Mobile Devices and my XBOX 360 Not so surprisingly they all don’t play the same videos very well. Once in a while you will have something that works on a few of them but not so often. So I set out to find a simpler way. When I got DVDFab it was a wrap because the profiles do all the work. I haven’t been on any handbrake forums lately so maybe they have done the same thing or maybe someone has posted better tutorials. But this is what I use and to be honest it is a lot more convenient because it is a one stop shop.

  2. says

    It completely slipped my mind that Rod from SimpleMobileReview did a write-up on handbrake and the MAC. However keep in mind two things
    This is a two application process.
    Not all MP4 files are the same. (This means although you put something in MP4, doesn’t mean all devices can play it. Frustating I know but it is what it is.)
    I think you can follow his directions on a PC. I am sure he can coment later if this is accurate.

    • says

      Chris is correct if you want to use handbrake for the encoding component just avoid using the universal setting. I use the iPhone option and it works fine for Android and Blackberry. I like my two step process but when I jump on Windows I use DVDFab because it easy and fast. It pains me to say Chris is right because his head is big enough but DVDFab is a really nice product. One cool thing is if a DVD cannot rip you let them know via support and often the next update resolves the problem.

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