Free BlackBerry Game Download: Ka-Glom

Ka-Glom is a free BlackBerry download from Magmic Games. It is a “Tetris” style falling blocks game that would normally run you $4.95 but is available to BlackBerry users for free on the site and can be downloaded over-the-air directly to your BlackBerry running BB OS 4 or higher.

KaGlom is a high-pressure game of falling blocks. Of the two block types, only the KaGlom jelly is explosive. Connect four KaGloms of the same color to start an explosive reaction eliminating all connecting blocks of that color. In building huge chain-reacting explosions your KaGlom Factor increases and the bonus points multiply. Play in Survival mode for a classic puzzle experience or try some deep thinking with the Puzzle mode.

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  • Leon Olszewski

    I go to the website (both from my computer browser and from the Blackberry). However, I see no links to allow me to download the game.

    Can you help?

  • Robb Dunewood

    Sorry Leon, but, I don’t know what to tell you. When I access from my BlackBerry’s browser, Ka-Glom is the first link under What’s New.

  • wtf

    well? where’s the link to download? everything i see just leads around in circles

  • Robb Dunewood

    you must go to on your BlackBerry. There you will see kaglom along with a bunch of other free blackberry downloads.

  • A Yearsley


  • lina

    Thanx guys but its not the full version. I thought it was I already have the demo but thanx anyway.

  • sillyass

    Hey thanks for wasting my time time. stinkholes

  • asssilly

    Stinkholes…. Hahahaha

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  • Harley

    I have the full version but cant transfer it to my new BB. How can I do this?

  • Gamerz

    Hi, for those searching bb games you can download 100+ free blackberry games here :


  • jhon

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  • Josh

    Im using Nokia 6600 and now I got problem… when Im trying to open gallery I need to wait a long time but not nothing… always loading…

  • newkings

    good game

  • Hey Hey Paula

    Okay, this is the full version and it works perfectly fine. Just follow the directions and use it on a RIM product (as this website is clearly geared for RIM products) and you will be fine. I cannot guarantee it will work complete of late model blackberries but as far as the curve, pearl and other similar blackberries, it works very well. Thanks!

  • mikey706

    i downloaded it to my phone from the directed site but it says it will expire in 3days. and theres something about a registration and activation code. is this not the full version?


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  • mschm


    i just found this cool site which will allow you to DL this game

  • hello,

    okay, i got all the free games.
    except this one.
    why doesn’t it show, and when i press more free games it doesn’t load.

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  • hello-oooh?!

    There’s no link to the Ka-Glom game…just a neverending circle of webpages. Where is it??

  • hello


  • Nic

    Where is the link to the Ka-Glom game…I keep going in circles as well

  • CH

    Badda bee badda boo

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  • Game

    Thanks :)

  • Game

    Many thanks.

  • hrdwrkr

    I had to download the apps world software from RIM befor I could get any new app’s

  • scott p

    I downloaded this onto my Curve 8330 from sprint no prob but when I try to put it on my wifes phone which is also an 8330 and its a family plan from sprint it says the game isn’t available on her model phone or with her carrier. I can’t see it from her phone either I have to go to the website and tell it to email her the install link. What’s up with this?

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  • joan

    i down loaded the game for my t-mobile 8900 blackberry with a trackball. I can’t figure out how you rotate pieces. Thanks.

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  • Janiene

    Everytime I click on the download button it brings me to this comment page. I have been trying for a year now. Is it a true link?

  • Amani Shaher

    nice bage