Does The BlackBerry Curve 8900 Have Enough?

BlackBerry Curve 8900

Over this passed weekend I got my first opportunity to really sit down and play with the BlackBerry Curve 8900 from T-Mobile.  I can honestly tell you that I believe that it is the best BlackBerry to come out of RIM in terms of form factor on a full QWERTY device.

I’ve been partial to SureType BlackBerry devices ever since the BlackBerry 7100T came several several years ago primarily because of their small size.  The BlackBerry Curve 8900 feels only slightly larger than the BlackBerry Pearl and sports a full keyboard.

Once you get passed the form factor, the  8900 has GPS, a better camera, and a better screen as compared to the old BlackBerry Curve, however, the question i kept asking myself was does the BlackBerry Curve 8900 have enough to make me shell out the cash for it if I already have a BlackBerry Curve 83xx?

Now, I would imagine that GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and a better screen, along with an awesome form factor are enough to make a lot of people upgrade.  I would also gather that for many people, it’s not enough to make you shell out 200 bucks and sign up to another 2-year plan.

What side of the fence do you sit on?


  1. says

    I would shell out #250 to $300 bucks IF I could by it un-branded, un-locked and it not effect my service contract. RIM should REALLY start selling un-branded direct.

    (Know the service providers figure about -$50 off the hardware price per year of service agreement.)

  2. says

    I have had mine for about a week, and I have to say it is the best BB I have ever used. UMA works amazingly well (on Rogers)and this isn’t available on the BOLD – the Camera is wonderful, video is great, both taking and watching. I haven’t found anything I don’t like about this device.

    My only complaint is RIM’s inexcusable lack of support for Mac users.

  3. The Shadow says

    Would die for an 8900 Curve.

    I’m on Verizon. Trying the Storm. Hate it.

    I want my keyboard back, with hi-rez and 4.6+ OS!

  4. Andrew Stewart says

    Will Verizon get the Blackberry Javelin? I hope so because I really like it and it will indeed be a big seller on the Verizon network. What is the BlackBerry Curve 8930? Is it the Javelin also?

  5. says

    Not for me. The keyboard is just too small for me on the Curve 8330. And from what i understand, the keyboard is even smaller on this device. Stickin with my SureType on my Storm. I type MUCH faster and more efficient on there!

  6. Buckshot says

    For BB Reference: I have a Storm provided by my employer and I love it… I haven’t had a single problem with the .75 issued OS.
    My personal account is with T-Mobile and have been using a T-Mobile Dash for the past few years. I haven’t been motivated to upgrade due to T-Mobile having the absolute worst smartphone device options of all major carriers (which I think is designed that way to generate customers like me… no contract, waiting around for a great smartphone offering (that will never come) with no new phone cost for them).
    I can’t see committing to a two year contract (or shelling out $500) for a smartphone that doesn’t have 3-G. In a year, the EDGE speeds will probably be so antiquated that half the sites I’d want to surf would be nearly unusable. Nope, 3-G is a mandatory spec for any new phone for me!

  7. Jeff says

    There is one more BIG selling point of the 8900 – the awsome 256MB memory. Unlike ALL blackberries before, memory capacities, memory leaks, and memory for messages, these are no longer issues. With a buynch of apps, all previous Blackberries could boot up with as little as 5-10MB free. I have, on my 8900, 110 MB free at boot up, with fully loaded messages and apps.

  8. Thought says

    It would be enough for me if it were on Verizon’s network.

    I also agree with what Buckshot said…the lack of 3G is a problem going forward. Not only will the web evolve to accomodate 3G, but as 3G becomes more prevalent, the EDGE coverage will be reduced.

    This is already happening with ATT; they’re converting bandwidth and equipment from EDGE to 3G. EDGE is dying out.

  9. Dave says

    Similar to Robb I’ve been partial to the SureType devices (7100, 7130, 8130) but have actually been itching to get a personal QWERTY BB for a few months now.
    The TMobile 8900 seems like the perfect choice as I sit in a Wifi environment at work and at home all day.
    But, I do surf a lot while mobile, and 3G would really kick ass.

    On top of that we get a great deal through Sprint and aren’t ready to jump ship to a possibly poor coverage/service with TMobile.

    Waiting to see what Sprint/Verizon dish out with the Bold/Javeline CDMA device……

  10. Andrew Stewart says

    Respectfully, I disagree with The Rock. Verizon will never switch to GSM. It will always remain a CDMA network. Besides, CDMA coverage is better than GSM. GSM only have better phones and more towers around the world.

  11. says

    Verizon IS upgrading to GSM/LTE. There is nothing to disagree with there (without looking like someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about)

    Let us downgrade back to Sep 21st 2007 for the facts……

    Verizon dumps CDMA for GSM-based LTE in 4G networks

    Verizon Wireless Wants LTE, Will Switch to GSM

    Welcome to the technology which the rest of the world uses.

  12. bluehorseshoe says

    Thought basically used the exact same words as I. If it were on Verizons network, I’d be one happy camper. And of course the dismantling of the edge network. Like Robb, I tried it out two weekends ago and loved it. Simply the best phone I pit my hands on. I’m not too happy with the Verizon version that’s coming out, the Niagara. Falls in between the 8900 and Bold size wise. The 8900 is the perfect size.

    I wait for the Pre…even more so than the Storm.

  13. says

    Got my 8900 a week ago, and I agree that it’s the best BB yet. I had the 8800 before this one, and while I think that one is probably one of the best LOOKING, this one has everything I want. I love it. My favorite yet. I don’t think the keyboard is too small at all, I have no problem typing on it. There are a few small software quirks here and there, nothing extreme, but I’m sure they’ll eventually get all worked out.

  14. David says

    I recently upgraded to the 8900 from the 8320 and I can definately say its more than enough, most around a wifi network so the need for 3g isn’t there at all. The size factor is perfect, everything about it is worth the upgrade.

    Then again the price I paid for it is a steal..

  15. Vmoney says

    dont u guys do ur homework. just because they say they are 3G doesnt mean they are running at the optimum speeds. T-mobile has perfected the Edge technology and it runs as fast as mediocre 3G on Verizon and ATT Network. their 3G (2100 mhz) will be faster than both Verizon and Att’s 3G and will be equal to the 3MB per second speed used in Europe (3G that is). Right now they are currently running the evolved 3G (3ggp w/ release 7). speeds maxing out at 1mb per second. if u dont believe tryout ur 8900 against storm. you’ll see it gets to a web page faster than the storm.

  16. Matt says

    I’m happy enough with my 8320. No real need to upgrade until Blackberry comes out with a device that combines the features of the curve with amazon’s kindle. Honestly, the only weak aspects of the 8320 was audible books/ebooks. Everything else works perfectly.

  17. says

    I have been using the 8900 since 2/11. I have a Bold as well – so my comparison below is mainly between the two.

    So far I like:

    – Best camera on a BlackBerry ever
    – T-Mobile UMA

    So far I dislike:

    – Lack of 3G
    – Screen is smaller than the Bold – tougher to read
    – Keys are not my preference (too pointy, close together)
    – No real way to say this gracefully – T-Mobile coverage sucks
    – Few more lockups than the Bold – especially while using UMA

    I wish there was more of an uprising over this embarrassingly long boot time in the 4.6 OS. Can’t RIM figure out how to get their devices to start up in under 5 minutes?

  18. Mike Will says

    I’ve been using 83xx for a long time. Got me an 8900 (loaner from RIM). Works fine. No problems. Micro USB is a pain for now. Better form factor for me than Bold or Storm. But, I tend to agree with Rob on questioning the cash outlay value. When my loaner time is up, I will gladly just go back to the 8300, which is fine for daily use. I don’t want a contract, and really like keeping the $500 it costs to buy a non-contracted 8900.

  19. chisim says

    8900 takes the bold and its 3g. I’ve done the comparison. And while you have to recharge the battery possible twice and day because of your 3g I have it all day.
    People want 3G..3G but don’t understand how things work.

    The processor on the 8900 is a fast processor, thus it is actually faster that AT&T bold.
    Not to mention, AT&T customers have to dish out more money than T-MOBILE customers.

    Good Luck.

    PS: This is the best blackberry there is.

  20. Vmoney says

    Actually Chisim. The processor on the Bold is faster than that of the 8900, however due to the updated specs and a much bigger flash memory, the 8900 runs faster than all the blackberry at the moment. UNTIL 3G IS ADDED TO IT.

  21. Andrew Stewart says

    Hey The Rock I STILL disagree with you. Verizon future network will be CDMA2000/LTE. Do your research on a accurate website.

  22. FBarb says

    I upgraded, and it was the best decision I made. I debated it for a short while because I had the 8320, and thought, “what could possibly be *that* different.” I found out this past weekend when I powered up the device. Immediately you notice how truly awesome this phone is. The resolution is breathtaking. The form and construction tight, sleek and sexy. The processor is fast, and the browsing therefore makes up for lack of 3G. All-in-all, I’m so happy to say goodbye to the plastic’y 8320.

  23. says

    Verizon is upgrading to global standard GSM-LTE, and they are dropping cdma for the crutch it always has been to them.

    “LTE is a fourth-generation wireless data system expected to be the next step up in speed and capacity for carriers using the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) platform, which is dominant in most of the world. ”

    “On September 20, 2007, Verizon Wireless had announced a joint effort with the Vodafone Group to transition their networks to the 4G standard LTE and on November 29, 2007, Verizon Wireless announced that they would start LTE trials in 2008. On December 9th, 2008, Verizon announced that they intend to build and have active, an LTE network, by the end of 2009. Adopting LTE would make for a gradual shift away from Verizon Wireless’ current use of CDMA technology because it is a completely different platform, but would offer increased operability for users traveling worldwide.”


    Both Telus and Bell have also announced they will be upgrading to GSM HSPA in their path to GSM LTE.

    Sprint is upgrading to WIMAX

    TATA, Shyam Systema, Reliance are in the process of upgrading to GSM technologies.

    Time to face the truth and facts. Cdma technology is the past, the open, global standard GSM-LTE is the future, all this is good for consumers and good for RIM too, less models.

  24. Vmoney says

    Nicely said THE ROCK. I was about to respond to Andrew Stewart the retard. Everyone knew that Verizon wireless needed to have the same technology as their parent company vodafone. so when they made the announcement last year, it wasnt a surprise. it will be a very difficult task.

    The GSM is more superior in Europe due to more spectrum space.

  25. Rajat Dhameja says

    Does anybody know how one may sync the device manager on the curve to an ipod wirelessly? Mine has a 2GB SD card. This is so uch better than the storm and i’m able to download work related software with ease.



  26. Bobby says

    Andrew are you that fucking retarded, a wise man once said its better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your stupid then opening it and proving them right,Verizon is the best and largest network espeacially since they bought alltel I have the storm it is the best bb I had the 8330 loved it and the 8900 iz a storm without the touch screen. And has the keyboard


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