As BlackBerrys become more and more popular with amongst individual consumers, IT organizations are being faced with increased “hook my BlackBerry up to my work email” requests from end-users. These companies love the increased productivity of their BlackBerry using employees, however, are being overwhelmed with BlackBerry related IT requests in turn.

This is where Mobile Device Manager from CA comes in.

CA MDM simplifies the provisioning and ongoing management of mobile devices via existing over-the-air connections without placing agents on any devices. It features a configurable self-service portal for end users that empowers them to rapidly register their devices, manage their passwords, and address common problems without the assistance of corporate help-desk personnel. It also provides a Web-based console that unifies all core management tasks-including security management, asset inventory, configuration management, policy compliance, and reporting-for all devices across the enterprise.

The key point here for BlackBerry end-users is that they can go buy a new device, go to a web page, and hook their BlackBerry up to their work email without having to call the helpdesk.