1. J.Will says

    What definition of “beat” are you using? RIM has been selling considerably more BlackBerry devices than Apple does the iPhone lately.

  2. anit-fanboy says

    Ut oh, someone has shook the hive of rabit Mac fanboys on a Blackberry website. I am glad you have found something to do with your wifi; Troll Rim related wesites and post your undying support for Steve Jobs and his vision.

  3. MacAddict says

    @ anit “anti”-fanboy,

    If you are going to call me out you could at least spell your name right, but, anyway…

    I think this very site said that the iPhone sold more units in December than the Hackberry Storm. I know that the Curve sold more than the iPhone but this commercial was for the Storm, so, I say again, If you can’t beat them, resort to violence.

  4. The Shadow says

    I am not an iPhone fan, but it’s certainly not a disaster like the Storm.

    The Storm (at least the one I own) is a half-baked desperate me too attempt at competing directly with the iPhone that doesn’t match the media experience of the iPhone, while severely crippling what Blackberries do great: hyperproductive message, schedule and contact management.

    I give it a C-, at best.

  5. The Shadow says

    Oh yeah, gimme a Javelin like device on Verizon ASAP! My post above was not anti-Blackberry, rather, anti-Storm.

  6. says

    That cool BlackBerry Storm ad? It’s not from RIM

    Actually, the video is what is known as a “spec” spot that’s meant to drum up business for the agency or production house that created it, in this case, “GUAVA,” out of New York City. Often, agencies make Apple-related specs spots for existing and invented products as it gets them the most coverage (it worked this time, too).

    Full article via here.

  7. says

    I’d give the advertisment by GUAVA, two thumbs up. However the current Storm gets a 1/4 of a thumb nail, which is not to say the next gen of BB touch screen’s will not be better. I’d also again strongly urge RIM to:
    A) Make a UNIVERSAL desktop app

    B) Start selling and servicing direct from a few choice RIM BB factory stores

    C) I’m all for twisting the knife, but this advertisment really is a switch for RIM, Not sure if RIM really wants to tweak Apple.

    PS the current BB advertising around the Penn Station area in NYC is well done and is NYC is a perfect place for a RIM factory store.


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