BlackBerry Media Sync Has Been Released

It is now official. BlackBerry Media Sync has been officially released. We first heard that it was coming out this morning and it has made it’s debut just before the close of business Eastern Standard Time.

You can find out all about it here

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  • Chris B.

    I have 2 iPods–a mini (4Gb) and a 3rd gen Nano (8Gb). I use these around the house. Mini is my “utility” one–with its nice belt clip. Nano is for travel.
    I suppose I might try out my Blackberry (with 1Gb microSD card) as my “work iPod” to listen to podcasts at lunch, when I take a walk. Or maybe to listen to music. It’s worth a try. But the BB media player is a little clunky.

  • Bluetooth

    Finally music on blackberry will be excellent than never before indeed! Thanks that BlackBerry Media Sync has been officially released.