BlackBerry Bold 9870 Running BlackBerry 6 Images

Salomondrin has posted what we believe to be the first images of the BlackBerry Bold 9870 to the web.  This Bold 9780 is almost identical to the Bold 9700 except for its darker bezel and 512 Mb or Ram compared to just 256 Mb.  It is a bit hard to make out from this picture, however, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is running BlackBerry 6.

I am definitely looking forward to a video of BlackBerry 6 running on a device that doesn’t have a touch screen.


  1. ja2bk says

    I imagine most things would work as today, but you would see the background when you hit the BB button instead of the current default black/blue. You would just slide across with the keypad (or trackball should it work on older models…not seeming likely though) to go across to the different screens. I think we could see how a non-touchscreen would work if, when they made those leak videos, they also used the trackpad to demo things. I’m more curious as to how the browser would function for zooming in and out. That probably wouldn’t change either from today (I to zoom in and O to zoom out)

  2. truthmonger says

    Why not a full gb of RAM, or at least 2gb of built-in storage? And a bit more processor? RIM seems happy to let other smartphone platforms deliver the same capabilities and a lot more power for the money. At this rate their market leader status will quickly fade into memory.

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