BlackBerry App World Up To 2000 Applications… Still Kind Of Sucks Though

BlackBerry App World has just crossed the 200o BlackBerry applicatoin threshold and, later this month, will be available to BlackBerry users in Italy, France, Germany and Spain.  The problem for RIM is that App World is still pretty lame, if you ask me.

The only reason that RIM came out with BlackBerry App World was because of the success of Apple’s App Store, which just turned a year old by the way.  If you are going to emulate the App Store, emulate the App Store.  Give me an interface that is easy to search, $0.99 downloads, and the  ability to buy applications from my desktop.

I don’t expect App World to host the ridiculous number of BlackBerry applications that the App Store does for the iPhone and the iPod, but, at least make the application pleasent to use.


  1. Scott says

    An App i would like is the ESPN Scorecenter App that is available for the iphone…. Does anyone know it would be available for the blackberry anytime soon?

  2. BB user says

    Well, you pay so little for your BlackBerry. You must still have a lot of money to pay for everything else. Unlike iPhone, the thing cost so much as well as the monthly plan. Most people would have no money or very little to spend on their applications.
    In addition to that, you need to charge a lot to make up the profit for BlackBerry because there are so little people will buy apps. Unlike iPhone, charging $0.99 still can make million in profit. If I write an app for BlackBerry, I will sell for 1 million dollar. So, I only have to sell one copy.

  3. Tyler says

    I agree that App World is an utter disaster. It’s impossible to search for applications, even when inputing their exact name–such as “Facebook”–into the search field.

    Plus the majority of applications cost more than four dollars, and many are more than ten dollars. It’s ridiculous.

  4. says

    I’m going to blame funding.

    With so much money into the development for the storm and now the tour to create the new line of products, I honestly believe that App World did not get the attention it needs.

    I feel like it was put on the back burner with mediocre staff developing the site.

    What I think would be a good idea (yes a copy from apple app store) is to create a network social platform where consumers and users can create their own apps and share and sell. That would definitely create increase attention and likeness, decrease the need for more spending, and give the app store a little more time to develop a better experience and apps.

    They created it to put it ou in the world to say “hey we have one too” and now since all the bb’s for every carrier are new and out for sale…it’s time to take that profit and put towards the app store.

    I highly believe the Tour with its recent great reviews will be a huuuge success for vzw customers and sprint customers so that can be a good catapult for cash flow.

  5. says

    Blame, lack of knowledge and excuses? Come on. RIM should have been able to pull this one off easily since the 3rd party’s are doing all the work and RIM is just minding the store. But yet again we are reminded no matter how hard you try you can’t out apple, Apple.

  6. says

    Could it be:
    That App World isn’t quite as good as it should be?
    Developers have already chosen a platform to code for?
    The outdated BB OS is preventing developers from making App’s?
    Apple has proven itself, the iPhone, and the App store and there is no need to go any further than purchase and enjoy the original.

  7. says

    AppWorld does have its issues (e.g., gimme a desktop app!!) but we really believe in its potential. But RIM’s problems aren’t just on the technical side, it’s also on getting the word out. Apple is a marketing machine; they operate on another level than anyone else in the tech industry. RIM needs to follow suit and feature leading apps on TV, print, online, etc.

    Of course I’m an app developer so I might be a little biased. 😉

  8. says

    @The Rock

    App World definitely isn’t as good as it should be, however, developers will develop wherever there is a market and tools that make development easy.

    Although we see really good BlackBerry Applications come out regularly, I believe that the OS does limit the “cool factor” in a lot of apps.

    Apple has indeed proven itself to all those that want and are happy with an iPhone, however, the iPhone clearly isn’t the device for everyone.

  9. says

    “clearly” but there is something that is keeping RIM from keeping up. The BB platform was well established as a winner long before the iPhone was released. It’s one or all of the 4 reasons I posted above. App World should be a icon on every BB released, heck RIM should push it out there on all BB’s as a handset update. Think about it there is little to no reason why with all the BB users world wide and finally now that RIM was pushed into making a official place to get app’s like RIM’s App World why it sucks, why it’s not what it should be. There are reasons, just like there are reasons why RIM’s BB Storm was not up to RIM’s BB standards (my vote is service provider interference).

    It’s clear RIM needs to step it up, RIM also needs to draw a line between it’s device and service provider (one of the reasons why the Storm was screwed up)

    While we’re on the topic of service provider why does verizon’s current BB radio, tv? advert insult everyone’s intelligence by trying to claim that the BB A)somehow works better on their magical 3G network and B)big red try’s to make it seem app’s like twitter, facebook, guitar hero are somehow only available to verizon BB users? Educated consumers know the BB network was designed to take much of the heavy lifting away from the network a BB being a BB works on 2G network. The app’s available for BB’s have nothing to do with what service provider the devices are running on. Nothing but sad lies that the service provider feels they needs to spread to fool (sucker) the uneducated into thinking otherwise. Bad for consumers, Bad for RIM. (just like service provider interference)


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