AT&T Tweets that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is coming soon!

AT&T tweeted earlier today that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is coming soon.  AT&T hasn’t stated why it has taken so long for the nation’s largest GSM network to get the Bold 9900, however, we believe AT&T held back the 9900 in an effort to sell as many BlackBerry Torch 9810 devices, which are exclusive to AT&T, as possible.


  1. says

    This is the #2 reason why I’m changing over from a BlackBerry to an iPhone.  The #1 reason is the incredible camera on the 4S.  A close #3 is the total lack of progress in the BlackBerry OS, and #4 is my job recently gave me a BlackBerry and I’m pretty tired of carrying two of the same damn phone.  I would have liked the Bold Touch and would have bought it if AT&T had released it sooner.

    This seems to be a play that works out well for AT&T – While being told I had to wait for an iPhone 4S because it was out of stock I saw three people buy an iPhone 4 at the reduced price.  I wonder how many Torches they managed to push on customers who really wanted something else…

  2. BBbgone says

    Make that two BlackBerry defectors RIM.  I would have gotten a Bold on AT&T, but, I am tired of waiting.  I’ve been on a Bold 9700 for well over two years and I decide last week to get an iPhone 4s which should arrive via FedEx on Thursday…

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