Android App Player for BlackBerry PlayBook delayed until late fall

Back in March before the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook Research in Motion officially announced the Android App Player which allows Android applications to run in a virtual machine on the QNX powered BlackBerry PlayBook.  We were told that the PlayBook would support native Android Applications by this summer, however, a reliable Engadget source is reporting that the Android App Player for BlackBerry PlayBook has been delayed until “late fall”.

[Via Engadget]

  • P.Dub

    RIM doesn’t seem to be able to deliver anything on time.  It’s pretty sad.

    • Amish Shaw

      I am not surprised about this delay at all.  I almost expected it.  RIM is about to release a bevy of BlackBerry  7 devices that won’t run Android Apps, so, it really wouldn’t make sense for them to start promoting Android apps when so few could benefit from them. 

      • hockey88

        Agree, execution and performance at the highest levels is a must for the Android App Player in order to match up with the lofty expectations.

      • Len Doesner

        I agree with you, but, for different reasons.  RIM could release the App Player if they wanted to.  They aren’t because doing so will all but ensure that most developers will develop for Android and not the BlackBerry.  

  • Drloydchristmas

    RIM’s products aren’t for the employees at Taco Bell, the high school kid, or the salesman that needs to be entertained with fart apps between calls.  Most here don’t see a need for RIM’s products at all, but there is a real world out there that want them.  I hope RIM doesn’t lower themselves to trying to break the APP World record of useless apps.  I have had two Iphones, 3G and 4, they are great Ipods and a few great weather apps, but business is business and I would rather have something useful than fun.  I tried the Ipad for 2 weeks…..nothing but a big Ipod or Iphone.  The Playbook is great, I can view any webpage without buying or downloading the app to be able to read the content from a website, watch ESPN3, anything I could do from my laptop, and that is exactly what I was looking for.  

    • I hate elitist pricks

      Why is it that some people who love the BlackBerry feel like they have to put down and disparage the people who have decided that the device is not for them because of the things that it can’t do? 

      “The BlackBerry is not for people who work at Taco Bell”  Seriously?

      I am a BlackBerry user, but, Drloydchristmas, you’re wanna be poser who just happens to use one.  

      • Guest

        Putting down people who use another brand is not unique to Blackberry users. Every now and then an Apple user or two does it. Probably Android users as well though I haven’t really noticed it.

        Is calling people names really the way to address this?

  • RIMarkable Robb