5 Things RIM Can Do To Make App World Better

Chances are that you’ve already heard about BlackBerry App World, however, in case you haven’t, it is supposed to be something like, and I use the term “like” loosely, Apple’s App Store.

App World is definitely not a one-stop shop for all all the BlackBerry applications you could ever want on your device and, quite honestly, I don’t know that it ever will be, however, here are, in my opinion, 5 things that could immediately improve BlackBerry App World and make it a bit more useful.

  1. Create A Tag For All Free BlackBerry Applications — I know that the purpose of App World is for Developers and RIM to be able to sell BlackBerry Applications, however, free apps will be downloaded overwhelming more so than paid apps and not give users a way to quickly and easily search for free apps is annoying.
  2. Offer $0.99 Downloads — Charging 300% 3x as much for your cheapest downloads than the App Store, which you are trying to emulate, was simply a brilliant idea…  Not!
  3. Make App World Accessible To Desktop Browsers —  Let me buy on my computer and send a link to open up the OTA download to my BlackBerry.
  4. Improve App World’s Search — It is truly quite bad…
  5. Provide Exclusive Titles — Offer a few BlackBerry Applications, that you can get only on App World.

I can certainly think of more than 5 things that would immediately make BlackBerry App World better, however, I figure that I will leave that for the comments.

If you don’t already have App World installed on your BlackBerry, point your devices BlackBerry Browser to http://www.blackberry.com/appworld to get it.


  1. The IT Juggler says

    #6 – release App World FOR THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE! The last time checked a world globe, there were 2 hemispheres.. so give everyone else access… or rebrand it as “App half-world”

  2. says

    – Make App World self-updateable
    – Create an option “check for updates on apps I’ve purchased”
    – Actually include most popular Apps in there (anyone notice Facebook made an exit)
    – Increase payment capabilities beyond Paypal
    – Ban apps that are trialware – they should be either totally free or pay

  3. says

    Also give an option to show whats been added to the site. I know there’s updates because I see the numbers go up, but I don’t know what exactly has been added.

  4. says

    A way to see the new applications that were added.
    No need to see the ‘Featured Applications’ on startup. Go immediately to ‘Top Downloads’.
    Icon loading times are still a bit high (could be my carrier’s 3G speed).
    And please add more free applications. There are a lot out there and they aren’t on BB App World yet.

  5. Albert says

    how about the memory?, i don’t know you guys, but the app world takes all my pearl memory empty very fast, or the capability to install the aplications direct to the micro sd, i think that could be very helpful


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