Yahoo! and Research in motion have inked a deal to significantly expand access to Yahoo! services via your BlackBerry. From the sounds of it Yahoo! Go for Mobile will integrate a full range of Yahoo!’s products such as Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Mail, and Yahoo! Messenger into a singe interface accessible via a single Yahoo! Go for Mobile icon.

One of the really cool things here is that BlackBerry users will be able to get real time Yahoo! Mail on their BlackBerries. I have personally had a Yahoo! account since it was RocketMail so this will be a welcome addition to my 7130e.

As of right now, Yahoo! Search works on all BlackBerries, Yahoo! Mail works on all carries less T-Mobile and will come to other carries soon, and Yahoo! Messenger works on Sprint (US), Rogers (CA), 02 (UK), 3 (HK), and CSL (HK). Mail will come to T-Mobile shortly and Messenger will eventually rolled out to other carriers.

You can download Yahoo! Go for Mobile to your BlackBerry over the air by visiting on your device.

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