WiseSpent 3.1 was released this passed week and I had the opportunity this weekend to give it the once over. WiseSpent 3.1, according to it’s website, is a complete Finance Manager / Expense Tracker for the BlackBerry.

As far as the Expense Tracker functionality goes, I have tried several different expense tracking utilities for the BlackBerry and in my opinion, WiseSpent 3.1 is the best such software out there, bar none.

The installation is a breeze and actually allows you to select your BlackBerry model during the setup. Once installed, you have the ability to create an unlimited number of accounts with and unlimited number of categories. WiseSpent 3.1 does everything that you would expect an expense tracking application to do such as entering in and viewing transactions. You can set up recurring transactions such as car note, mortgage payment, or any transaction that occurs daily, weekly, or monthly, etc. One of the really cool features is the duplicate transaction function that allows you to set up a regular transaction that repeats, but not on a regular schedule such as gasoline or greens fees.

When it comes to the complete Finance Manager, I am going to hold judgement on that until WiseSpent Synch comes out.

Wisespent Sync is a windows desktop application which allows you to synchronize transaction to and from your Blackberry

  • Synchronize data to your BB
  • Edit transactions
  • Export to QIF / EXL /TXT
  • Add transactions and they sync

I have used MS Money and Quicken for over 10 years and when I hear the words Finance Manager, I automatically compare to those applications. We will see what type of synching capabilities with popular finace management applications exist when WiseSpent Synch is launched in the comming weeks.

All in all, WiseSpent 3.1 is definately worth the $22.95 that it will set you back. You can download a free trial from here and you can also win a free or discounted version from PinStack.com.