I just heard some unbelievable spin coming out of Microsoft this morning. They expect Windows Mobile to account for 40% of the global smartphone market within the next four years.

Did Microsoft make a bid for Research in Motion or Apple recently? If not, this is the most ridiculous thing that I’ve heard all day. Granted, today isn’t even half over yet, but, still.

Depending on whose numbers you look at, Microsoft has less than 13% of the global smartphone market now. Apple and Research in Motion are growing by leaps and bounds and lets not forget about Linux based mobile operating systems. I know Linux isn’t big here, but, it is getting big about everywhere else.

For Microsoft to be able to pull off an additional 27% of the global market share in the next 4 years they are going to have to come up with an OS better than the BlackBerry OS and better than the iPhone OS. Unless they do a do-over, I doubt that Microsoft could even make Windows Mobile stable within the next 4 years, let along out shine RIM or Apple.