According to a Reuters source, the Google Phone, also known as the HTC Nexus Ono, the HTC Dream, and the HTC Passion, will be available for sale Jan. 5th.

The Google Phone is expected to come in two variants…  A subsidized T-Mobile version locked to T-Mobile’s network, and an unlocked, unsubsidized version that can be used on any GSM network.

There are also rumors, albeit, less credible than Reuters, that the Google Phone will be relatively inexpensive.  $199 and $99 with a $100 rebate respectively.  An commentator says that the device will be $199 in stores and that the $100 rebate is for users who have an “old” Gmail account.

Getting $100 discount for having an “old” Gmail account sounds a little different.  What I could envision, however, is $199 unlocked.  $199 with a $100 rebate locked to T-Mobile, but, this is just pure speculation.  Whatever the pricing, if it does come in less than $200, I think Google will have a hit on their hands.