Have you noticed that we really haven’t heard much about the BlackBerry KickStart, the first BlackBerry Flip Phone from Research in Motion, pretty much since it was first leaked back at the beginning of the month.

Joe from BBGeeks made a good point about RIM employees not being able to talk about it at WES and actual news about the BlackBerry Bold trumped rumors about other devices, however, we’ve actually seen pictures of the BlackBerry KickStart and have heard that its launch may be just a couple of months away, yet it hasn’t gotten nearly the run that the BlackBerry Thunder has.

We know that most BlackBerry users probably don’t follow the BlackBerry space as closely as readers of this blog do, but, even the crackberry addicts the live for BlackBerry rumors have been unusually quiet on a completely new form factor that could be released in the as early as August.

Will the BlackBerry flip phone flop or will buzz pick up over the coming months?